September 2021

Full Moon in Pisces September 20, 2021!

September 19th, 2021|Full Moon|

Welcome to the most healing Full Moon of 2021. We are in the Virgo mansion, the earth sign that created our bodies in the first place. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so precise communication is a lot of what this mansion is all about. But Virgo is also ruled by Chiron, the Great

New Moon in Virgo September 6, 2021

September 5th, 2021|New Moon|

The most healing New Moon of the year is upon us, for today at 5:51pm PDT, the Sun and Moon gather for their monthly meeting in the sign of Virgo. Ruled by Mercury, but also by Chiron the Great Healer, this New Moon is when we put all of the pieces back together.

August 2021

Full Moon in Aquarius August 22, 2021

August 22nd, 2021|Full Moon|

The second Aquarius Full Moon in a row hits this morning at 5:01am PDT, and we move through another opportunity to release things that no longer serve us. Technically, a Blue Moon is two Full Moons in the same sign in the same calendar month, so by virtue of that definition, this is

New Moon in Leo August 8, 2021!

August 7th, 2021|New Moon|

At 6:50am PDT this morning, the Leo Moon will catch up to the Sun, and we move through the New Moon, and the start of our next lunar cycle. This is a powerful and beautiful lunation, where we get to celebrate who we are, what brings us joy, and ask the universe for

July 2021

Full Moon in Aquarius: July 23, 2021

July 22nd, 2021|Full Moon|

The Full Moon in Aquarius hits this evening at 7:36pm PDT at 1-degree of Aquarius. At the next Full Moon, the Sun will still be in Leo, and so we will have a second Full Moon in the same sign next month. Technically, a Blue Moon is two Full Moons in the same

New Moon in Cancer: July 9, 2021

July 8th, 2021|New Moon|

The New Moon in Cancer is exact tonight at 6:16pm PDT. The Cancer mansion is all about restoration, rest, rejuvenation, and preparation for all the ways we want to move out and about into the world. We must start from home, and that’s where the Cancer archetype comes in, as the inventor of

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