Friday June 5, 2020

Eclipse season is here, and the Full Moon in Sagittarius is the first in a three-eclipse season. We are fully in the swirl of the wormhole that will take two full lunar cycles to play out. Wormholes catapult us across the universe in a single instant, like a level of change that is utterly mindboggling. I promised that June would be an outrageously intense month, and in some ways, it begins with this lunar eclipse that is exact at 12:13pm PDT, and takes place at 15-degrees of Sagittarius. Eclipses are transformative and have the influence to take whatever we are working on in consciousness, and integrate it powerfully into our ongoing sense of growth and personal expansion. The next six weeks are going to rise up in intensity even more, if you can even imagine that.

The polarity of Gemini and Sagittarius is about our ideas, which we then transform into our notions of higher truth. Gemini invented words and communication, and then the opposing force of Sagittarius is where we consider the paradigms of truth that run our society. What is true, what is not, what is truth, and whose truth is it anyway – this Full Moon comes at a fascinating moment of true practical and existential crisis. And in case you were wondering, the miracle of consciousness is that there is no such thing as objective truth, but rather 6 billion versions of subjective truth called infinite Mind. And we are each a part of that. This Full Moon is our opportunity to move into a more transformative surrender to this paradox, so that we might come through all of this turmoil, and arrive out the other end much better human beings.

We are halfway through the Gemini mansion, and so this entire lunar cycle is governed by Mercury, one of the signs that the planet of communication rules. Mercury is well into his retrograde shadow, meaning we are all being treated to thoughts, conversations, negotiations, and other experiences from the neck up that will be part of the upcoming backward journey that starts on the 18th of June. This shadow got activated on June 1st, but today is the first really big moment of Mercury transits that will likely trigger some important parts of what is coming for those three weeks of integration that happens in a retrograde. And this healing, wakeup energy is dialed directly into this Full Moon.

Mercury will Square Chiron while creating a Sextile with Uranus, both of these hitting on the same at the same time as today’s eclipse. One of these planets heals wounds (Chiron), and the other wakes us up to higher levels of consciousness (Uranus). The fact that they are exactly 30-degrees apart means that if a planet hits one of these big players, they will also hit the other. We have all had experiences of rising up to a higher level of consciousness by courageously pushing through tremendous wounds of grief and despair. When we feel the most broken open by grief, that is when we often have miraculous paradigm shifts. That is exactly what is taking place on the planet right now, and certainly in the United States. We are desperately trying to up-level our consciousness (Mercury Sextile Uranus), but in order to do so, we must run smack dab into the center of the wound (Mercury Square Chiron).

Life as we know it is changing dramatically, and we each must change along with it. Issues that may be triggering you right now will be part of Mercury’s retrograde up ahead, as well as the next two eclipses. The more aware you are now of thought patterns that are challenging to you, the easier it will be to move through the process of changing and transforming them as the next six weeks play out. Pay attention; the things that rise up at this time will take a few passes to move through, so don’t expect anything to play out clearly or simply for the next two months.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, and so if you ritualize your devotion to the Moon, make sure there is some fire involved. And if you get your body moving in an energetic frenzy (really an earth element notion) the actual excitation of the body in a shakti fashion (energetic movement) is a fire experience, so this may be a full moon to dance under, and set your body on fire. Every Full Moon is an opportunity to express gratitude for what we have already created, and a recognition of the work still left to be done. Let us all take a moment today to celebrate the peace, the strides for humanity, the new chinks in the older armor that are getting larger; cracks today that will result in the breakdown of oppression and suffering as we continue down this rocky road to our salvation. There is indeed more work to be done, but there is also much to celebrate.