The Full Moon in Virgo hit this morning in the wee hours, at 4:30am PST, and trust me, this is some Full Moon! The Sun is in Pisces, and so is Saturn and Mercury, and they are close enough to be what we call a stelium. The Moon is the key player in any Full Moon, and Virgo is ruled by both Mercury and Chiron. So, this is a lunation about perception and mental organization courtesy of Mercury, and deep and profound healing is possible through Chiron’s rulership of this mutable earth sign. But for my money as an astrologer, it is Saturn’s participation in this moment that makes it the powerhouse experience that it is. We are moving through a profound healing release in this Full Moon, and Saturn elevates it with a seriousness and sense of gravitas.

With the Sun in Pisces, we are in consideration of our spiritual connection. Everything that occurs in form must start in the nothingness of the formless, and Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac that contains all of the wisdom of the first 11 signs, but only as possibility. Our job is to align with that energy and understand that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. That human experience is possible because we have a vehicle that carries us through life, the physical body. That body works and functions because Virgo invented the systems that run it, and keep it healthy, and that includes our psychic health, as well as our physical health.

Venus and Mars are together in this Full Moon, their Conjunction was exact just a few days ago. We are in a rare alignment of masculine and feminine, doing and being. And because they are in Aquarius, we are all far more likely to feel well connected to our unique path, ready to go own our way with less self-consciousness, and in risk-taking mode, to whatever extent that lives in each of us. And if you have followed me for any bit of time, you know that I’ve been obsessed with the way Venus has been allowing for tremendous inner healing in the heart, where we’ve all been working on opening up to more love and deserving with Venus’s retrograde in Leo last summer, and her rulership of the last eclipse season that we moved through.

Speaking of eclipses, Chiron and the North Node also just peaked their Conjunction that started last summer when the North Node moved into Aries. The North Node in Aries tells us where eclipses will be, and eclipses are transformative, fated, and powerful for change. The North Node moving toward and meeting up with Chiron, means that it is our personal healing journey (Chiron) that is leading us forward toward our purpose and destiny (North Node). This is a very powerful healing Full Moon, but there is a total solar eclipse in early April that is exactly Conjunct Chiron, and that marks a new cycle that will carry our healing journey into the future. This Full Moon and that eclipse are directly connected as a kind of healing mechanism. Now is when we drop the big, wounded consciousness we’ve been working on freeing ourselves from over the last year or so. Then we start moving in new directions driven by our healed consciousness later this spring. More about this, much more, in the next lunar cycle.

Jupiter is dialing into this Full Moon in a very helpful way. Oppositions are a guarantee of great tension, that we must somehow resolve, and all Full Moons set up an Opposition between our conscious awareness (Sun) and unconscious impulses (Moon). This is difficult, as all 180-degree angles are, and when another planet divides an Opposition into two easier parts, we literally call it an “Easy Opposition.” Jupiter is doing this, so the ease comes from our desire to expand, grow, and tap into abundance. Saturn Conjunct the Sun makes this moment truly serious, and potentially difficult as Saturn guides us toward what we absolutely have to do. Jupiter adds the beautiful benefit of doing the hard work life, and all the yummy things that we get to do. A Full Moon in a Trine with Jupiter has a huge thread of joy, optimism, confidence, and the underlying sense that all this hard work of healing and learning is worth the effort.

If you are moving through a long-range difficult healing narrative right now, this Full Moon could be emotionally painful, but trust the healing that is possible. When you go in for surgery, remember that the first thing that happens to you on the operating table is that you are cut open with a very sharp knife. All healing requires reliving injury, and breathing new love and light into old spaces that were stuck in unhealed corners of your psyche. Saturn’s presence means that no one will escape the seriousness of this moment, so even if a painful healing is not part of your narrative right now, there will be deep releases, and the end of some old patterns as we move through the rest of this lunar cycle.

If you feel uncertain of what you are being called to let go of right now, do not be surprised. Pisces is a sign where clarity is not present, but the deep connection to the Universal Mind is able to guide you more than ever. This is a perfect lunation to work with my favorite way to language prayers when we are uncertain. Try this: I am now ready to release everything known and unknown, conscious and unconscious, that inhibits my full, joyful expression at this time. And then trust that your own inner teacher (Saturn) and your own inner healer (Chiron) know exactly how to carry you through the healing opportunity that this Full Moon is offering. Have at it!