The second Aquarius Full Moon in a row hits this morning at 5:01am PDT, and we move through another opportunity to release things that no longer serve us. Technically, a Blue Moon is two Full Moons in the same sign in the same calendar month, so by virtue of that definition, this is no Blue Moon. However, for this astrologer, having two Full Moons in a row in the same sign is fortuitous indeed, and worthy of the moniker. It’s like having a second opportunity to release in the same area of consciousness in a row, and we benefit from this repetition. With the Sun in Leo, we are in consideration of our personal gifts, the unique offerings that only we can generate. In the opposite polarity of Aquarius, it is all about what is needed by the community. If ever there were a time on the planet where we need everyone to know their gifts and talents, and then share them with the world in loving service, it is now.

There is something special about this Full Moon as it takes place at what is known as the anaretic degree, that final 30th degree (each sign spans 30 degrees) of a sign that points to mastery. At the very last degree, the Moon won’t be in consideration of where she is going next, but rather, she will turn around to examine the sign landscape is about to leave, and ask, “have I mastered everything in this mansion?” The Sun is hovering at this final degree in Leo as well. The lunation peaks around 5:00am PDT, after which she will drop into the tiniest of Voids, and at 5:42am PDT, she moves into Pisces, and technically the Full Moon ends. A few hours later, the Sun crosses into Virgo and we leave this mansion for another year. Make no mistake about it, this is all the more powerful because of this special geometry, and this second Aquarius Full Moon culminates with a huge energetic exclamation point.

What is perhaps most stunning about today’s Full Moon is the Conjunction of the Moon with Jupiter, the Great Expander. Jupiter amplifies everything, and puts the sense of excitement and possibility into how we are moving as this is coming to an end. This connection between the Moon and Jupiter is like winning the grand prize at the fair. The promise built into this is simple. Recognize how spectacular you are. Consider all the ways in which this stepping into your own sovereignty, and find the gratitude for all that you have accomplished thus far. Then consider what you need to let go of in order to rise up and enjoy even more of that, and allow those releases to take place. Trust that whatever you desire more of is yours for the creation, as Jupiter promises great things, but only if we make room in our psyche for the receiving of greater abundance.

With Jupiter amplifying everything that this Full Moon offers, we must also address the challenges of what both Aquarius and Leo bring to the table. Let us consider humility. Leo can be very self-focused in a detrimental way. Aquarius is the most righteous of the archetypes. The dark side of both connects to arrogance (Leo) and judgment of others (Aquarius). I offer a gentle nudge to use this Full Moon to consider any ways in which your self-view may need a dialing down, as that perspective is also part of this Full Moon. If your Leo roar is a bit too loud because of unconscious insecurity, this is the Full Moon to let go of any impulses you have that are more in the camp of arrogance, and/or self-focus that lacks empathy. This Full Moon can easily cover both sides of the continuum of not valuing yourself enough, or valuing yourself too much, out of what is ultimately a shadow of low self-esteem.

Fortunately, there is a profoundly powerful pattern playing out through this Full Moon weekend, that is allowing us to radically change the way we move through our lives. Our walk and talk are being aligned in a more congruent manner thanks to Mercury and Mars, the talk and the walk planets, coming together by Conjunction just a few days ago. Every two years, Mercury catches up with Mars, and we experience that as an inner alignment of the mechanism of our thinking and perception (Mercury) joining directly up with our capacity to make decisions and take action (Mars). This two-year cycle is a regular part of how we grow over time, but this particular one formed with a Trine to Uranus, adding the lightning flash of instantaneous transformation into the mix. So, this was not just any old alignment of walk and talk; this one is imbued with the power to radically transform how we are perceiving what is possible, and how we make choices as a result.

Relationship consciousness is also up during this Full Moon as well. Venus just entered her ruling sign of Libra this past week, and so we are naturally more focused on relationships for the rest of this lunar cycle. Venus is forming a Grand Air Trine with the North Node of the Moon and Saturn that is exact just as the Full Moon hits. Any Grand Trine creates a manifestation vortex, and so you may want to ask yourself what you have to let go of in order to attract more love into your experience. The Trine from Venus to Saturn means the lessons around opening up to more love are easier at this moment, and we may be rewarded for past efforts to grow and receive more. The Trine to the North Node means that we are being powerfully guided forward into new territory. And while you may not meet the love of your life this weekend, trust that if you desire more in this arena, things we release now may allow you to attract love in greater abundance in the months to come.

So, it’s a big one, where the fire of Leo and the air of Aquarius come together, and in a burst of combustion generate the transcendent third that is possible when we integrate this polarity. Leo is the archetype of the self. Aquarius invented community, and the circles of all connection that make life on earth what it is as a collaborative effort. It is one thing to fully self-express, the Leo mansion demands it. It is another thing to consider the needs of the community as primary; we learn that through Aquarius. Put them together, and the resulting consciousness is each of us knowing who we are and understanding joy as our birthright, but then taking that joy and offering it wholeheartedly to the community in an act of service. And as I like to say, have at it!