The Full Moon at 11-degrees of Aquarius is exact today at 8:59am PDT. In the Leo mansion, we are in consideration of our personal sense of sovereignty, creative expression, and the dynamic leadership that is inside of each of us. We all have that quality, even if you don’t move through the world in a big, bravura filed Leonian way. While the Sun moves through this mansion, each of us are aligning with a greater sense of self, and the gifts each of us has to share with the world. In the Aquarius polarity, we are in consideration of the future in a visionary manner. In this Full Moon, we must know our contributions to the world, own them fully, and then offer them freely to the collective, in service to humanity.

When you truly know who you are, that personal integrity translates to a better state in the outside world. Leo offers this to us, and in Aquarius, we learn to care for the world through the collective consciousness. The human race is failing miserably at this, and part of the transformation that is happening on the planet at this time is the attempt to birth a new world where such care is permanently integrated into the collective human psyche. We have so much to do to create this new paradigm, and I am grateful that we have 2,000 years to get this right (the entire Age of Aquarius). We are growing by leaps and bounds, and this Full Moon may be all about the growing pains.

You see, there is a fascinating contradiction built into this Full Moon. On the one hand, Venus is Conjuncting the North Node of the Moon, so in one sense – courtesy of Venus’s recent retrograde – love (Venus) is rising up more powerfully to lead us into the future (North Node). Certainly, having this built into the Full Moon could bring a hopeful and loving sense of what the future may bring. But the Nodes are always in an Opposition, where the energy of the past (South Node) is pulling/pushing on the energy of the future (North Node), and through navigating that tension of opposites, we grow and move forward. The Full Moon is also an Opposition energy, where we are treated to an opportunity to see more in the dark (re: the unconscious) than we typically can. If you put these two Opposition side by side, you have a pattern known as a Hard Rectangle, where each integrating energy is in a Semi-Square with the other. Simply put, we are trying to move forward with hope in tow, and it is proving to be hard to do.

Further, the Full Moon is in an exact Square to Uranus, the Great Awakener. Uranus is the most unstable energy in the solar system and when he is in the mix, we are in complete wild card energy. A Square is the most conflict-oriented geometry, where two sides fight mightily with each other. The Sun holds our measured sense of constancy – the part of us that is never changing. Uranus offers the most disruptive sense of change that is possible. Put them in Square and the net result is that things you though were unchangeable can change, that which you thought was firmly yours can be yanked away at a moment’s notice, and the thing most hoped for can arrive in a miraculous and surprising turn of fortune. And there’s no way of knowing in advance which version of Uranus’s influence will hit you personally.

Mercury has been very active since his retrograde cycle completed itself, and today we have a very sober and restrictive Opposition with Saturn. This is one of those brakes-on sort of transits, and a Full Moon in a Square with Uranus is a bit like flooring the gas pedal. As a result, these few days may feel very discombobulated and challenging as our minds attempt to wrap themselves around all the lessons we are moving through. Certainly, with the planet of communication in Opposition with the planet that carries our karmic lessons with him, these few days are going to include taking in some hard-to-swallow information. The Uranus influence means that some of that may come in the form of shocking new twists in the journey; yeah, more of those, I’m afraid.

And I’m not finished. Mars is busy in his retrograde shadow all this month. He is moving through conflict/obstacle geometry with all of the players in Capricorn, triggering things right and left, all of which will be revisited when he turns around in September, October and November. The first of these Squares hits as part of this Full Moon, the Square between Mars and Jupiter. While there is no such thing as a “bad” Jupiter transit, this overblown dustup between our aggressive impulses and the planet known as the Great Expander can cause an enormous overvaluing of something, or reacting aggressively in a manner that will later prove to be problematic. Trust nothing about your reactions to the world on its own terms this week; angry explosions and the resulting consequences are potentially all over the place this week. Do your best to keep your aggressive impulses in check, for if you run with your reactivity in the lead, you will surely regret that later on down the line.

This is one of those moments where the chaos is rising up. When this happens, we must drop back into principle. Meaning, focus on the nugget of what every Full Moon asks us to consider, gratitude and release. If you have been reading me for any appreciable amount of time, you know how driven by Hope I am. I still feel that in my heart, but I recognize that in this particular lunation, such yummy feelings may feel very far away for some of you. We are still called, as in every Full Moon, to focus first in gratitude for what we have already created, and then consider anything and everything that must be released in order for us to move forward with more momentum. And remember to keep in mind, especially as you consider what is rising up to be released in this moment, Mar’s retrograde up ahead indicates that a big portion of what is being illuminated in this Full Moon is going to take the rest of the year to get out from under. I know this year feels like an unbelievable wild ride, and it is absolutely going to get wilder before we’re done. When in doubt, take it one day, one hour, one minute at a time.