The Full Moon in Aquarius hits this evening at 7:36pm PDT at 1-degree of Aquarius. At the next Full Moon, the Sun will still be in Leo, and so we will have a second Full Moon in the same sign next month. Technically, a Blue Moon is two Full Moons in the same sign in the same calendar month, so by virtue of that definition, this is no Blue Moon. However, for this astrologer, having two Full Moons in a row in the same sign is fortuitous indeed. It’s like having a second opportunity to release in the same area of consciousness in a row, and we benefit from this repetition.

With the Sun in Leo, we are in consideration of our personal gifts, the unique offerings that only we can generate. In the opposite polarity of Aquarius, it is all about what is needed by the community. If ever there were a time on the planet where we need everyone to know their gifts and talents, and then share them with the world in loving service, it is now. And this summer (winter down under), we get two opportunities to clear out whatever might be blocking our individual capacity to know who we are, know what we bring, and then bring it to the world with gusto.

Full Moons tend to amplify energy, and everything can be more intense just because the Moon and the Sun are opposing each other. However, this Full Moon has less energetic volume than some because the sidebar transits that are the background of this moment are slimmer than the lunations of this year so far. But in the last ten days, there has been a tremendous amount of personal planet gear shifting, and so the lead-in to this moment of release has been both intense and powerful, and just spread out over the week or so just behind us. Mostly, I am speaking about Venus and Mars coming together in Leo in a Conjunction that peaked last week.

Since the New Moon, all of us have been bumping into how we act, choose, and work with our goals and ambitions courtesy of Mars. At the same time, how we respond to life through our emotional body has also been through the mill of healing and change; thank you Venus. Over the past two weeks, and at different times, both Mars and Venus Squared Uranus, and so we were hit with tons of wild card energy and unexpected reversals and changes in direction. They also Opposed Saturn, so Saturnian experiences like delays, breakdowns, and challenges have kicked up lots of life lessons and karmic reckonings. A Trine with Chiron has added deep and profound healing to the mix, for those courageous enough to do the work. We have all been rewired in the last two weeks, especially on an emotional level, and when Mars and Venus came together, that emotional growth (Venus) got downloaded directly into our bodies (Mars). And now we get to take what we learned and focus on the gratitude and release that every Full Moon affords us.

The Leo mansion connects us to the principle that Joy is our birthright. When we know what brings us joy and align with that, we manifest our heart’s desire with much more grace and ease. Another archetype that understands Joy is Jupiter, the planet of expansion and manifestation. There is a very powerful relationship between this Full Moon and where Jupiter, in Pisces, is poised to retrograde back into Aquarius for a few months. The geometry is the 150-degree angle known as the Great Eliminator, that always tells us we are at a fork in the road. In this Aquarius Full Moon, we must consider new ways to manifest our ideas, and with the planet of manifestation still in the sign of all potential – Pisces – there is an invitation to tap into the universal power of creation, and truly focus on your own desires for personal leadership and creative self-expression. And don’t be afraid if you find yourself wanting to try something completely new.

Interestingly, the next Full Moon has the Aquarius Moon Conjunct Jupiter after he drops back into Aquarius in five days. Because of this, both of these lunations, and the New Moon in between them, are all about how much power we have to create absolutely anything we desire, as long as it is within our capabilities, isn’t an escapism fantasy, and/or doesn’t fall into the category of things you desire but ultimately don’t feel you deserve. In this Full Moon in Aquarius, we are being asked to release aspects of our consciousness that inhibit us from shining our brightest light. If you can’t own your gifts, the world certainly can’t receive them, so make sure that the release portion of this lunation is dedicated to anything you must let go of in order to raise your confidence and help you shine your light in the spirit of the Leo Sun. And then commit to a life of service, and you too will discover that service is joy.