The Full Moon in Aries is exact at 2:05pm PDT, and welcome to the most fiery Full Moon in a year where consciousness is already burning at a fever pitch. In the Libra mansion, we are in consideration of life as a mirror. What you see reflecting back at you begins with how you choose to perceive the world. This is also the mansion where we consider our actual relationships, but that is just an extension of the mirrored consciousness in action. Think of Libra as all you, and Aries as all me. A Full Moon demands that we integrate two polar opposites, and in this case, we must learn to honor our selves as primary, while also maintaining a sense of who we are in relation to others, and by extension, to the world at large.

If you are partnered, this Full Moon will indeed reflect your experience with your significant other, but all of us are in committed relationship with the Earth herself, and ipso facto the collective consciousness of the human race. This Full Moon will also reflect how you alone are responsible for your view of the world. But also remember – and this is important – the reflection consciousness also works the other way around. We see the world based on our personal perspective, but the world itself is also a direct reflection of each of us individuals, coalesced as a collective. As we each rise up in vibration, and heal ourselves on a personal level, the world benefits by a greater outward collective projection of love.

Fortunately, the Full Moon is Conjunct Chiron, the Great Healer, and so this is a powerful healing moment. But in the Aries paradigm, this Full Moon itself may bring the breakdown impetus for some sort of healing to take place. Uranus is in the house as well, so there are paradigm shifts, sudden inspirations, changes in directions, and other wildcard possibilities, because Uranus is holding a perfect 150-degree Inconjunct with the Sun at the exact moment of the lunation. This Great Eliminator angle is what makes the healing potential in this Full Moon as powerful as it is. Uranus allows us to suddenly see things differently, and the Sun is how we integrate something new into our conscious awareness. Chiron brings the healing component.

Chiron and Uranus have been connected in a 30-degree relationship to each for several decades now. In this way, any transit that includes one, also includes the other. This consistent geometrical 30-degree connection between these two is responsible for just how many people have been healing trauma and waking up on the planet since the new millennium began. This is the onramp into the Age of Aquarius, and if you are reading this, then you are part of the gaggle of human beings here to do your part in helping the planet ascend. We must all wake up to who we truly are, face ourselves powerfully in the mirror (Libra), and turn the healing construct onto our selves (Aries), in order to facilitate a greater integration on the planet. This is how we truly heal: One person at a time, waking up, healing their own wounds and trauma, and allowing for a greater reflection of love to occur as the result.

Mars and Mercury are both in process right now, Mars is in the middle of his backward journey, and Mercury is in his shadow, preparing to turn around in a few weeks. As such, our walk (Mars) and our talk (Mercury) are being upgraded by this Full Moon. In fact, Mars is holding one corner of a Grand Fire Trine that will bring powerful transformational energy into the mix. Grand Fire Trines are manifestation vortexes, and this one includes Mars, Venus, and the South Node of the Moon. Though Mars’s retrograde may delay our ability to truly know the value of this moment, a Full Moon that also brings the power of Mars (action), Venus in Leo (love), and the South Node in Sagittarius (processing the past) is sure to have us all burning off some wound during this Full Moon. Throw in Black Moon Lilith in Aries into the mix, and the doors to the shadow are flung wide open this week, so that healing potential can be manifest at the deepest level. And yeah, for some, the healing may hurt.

One last thing about this Full Moon. Pluto is holding the Great Eliminator angle with the North Node of the Moon in what is absolutely the most powerful alteration to our collective dharma that we have ever moved through in our lifetime. The Nodes represent the collective experience; that which is playing out for all of us at the same time. The list of planets that have touched the Nodes this year is wild, and the fact that the Lord of the Underworld is one of them assures us all that the transformation we are moving through is total and utter. The old world is truly dying as we are frantically birthing a new one, and in some ways, this Full Moon is key in a way that we won’t know fully until we get into next year. Truly, we are at an outrageous fork in the road for humanity at this very moment, and how you meet it personally makes a difference for the entire human race.

Your salvation lies in the principles associated with the moment, so we finish where we began, with the mirror consciousness. Full Moons are where we express gratitude for all that we have created, and where we identify that which is ready to be released by the side of the road as we go. Aries is about the Self, and Libra helps bring our best self into collaboration with others. I know this moment looks as if that is the last thing that is happening on the planet right now, as outer polarization is rising up like a festering wound. Aries and Libra are the perfect set of polarities to help us see the divide within ourselves so that we might heal anything that is unlike love in our hearts. And this, as I am always saying, is how we create Peace for Humanity; one loving, integrated heart at a time.