The Full Moon in Aries hits this morning at 7:56am PDT. We are in the Libra mansion, where we are in consideration of our relationships, and how consciousness itself is a direct mirror. Everything you see and experience in your life is a reflection of your inner perceptions of it. On the other side of the cosmos is the Aries archetype, the first burst of I Am, the singular energy that is the organic opposite of this perception of harmony and balance. There is no reflection without that inner self view that generates it. When we look out at the world we have created and see something we would like to be different, the impulse to reach out and try and impact things from the outside in is unlikely to have any lasting impact. Only shifts that rise up from the inside out have any real traction in the world.

In this way, a Full Moon in Aries allows us all to find the things in our own experience right now that have to go, so that we might enjoy more harmonious relationships, and easier access to the giving and receiving of love. We enter this four week promise to come into a greater sense of wholeness and integration that the Libra mansion promises, we are put on notice that at a certain point, we are going to have to look squarely at ourselves in the mirror and ask, “What must I let go of in myself in order to have greater personal integration, authenticity, and sense of wholeness?” That moment of release is now, and as we move through this Full Moon and into the last bit of this lunar cycle, we find ourselves at the apex of a powerful moment of release and integration.

Part of what has made this lunar cycle so transformative is the relationship between all the players in Libra this month with Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter in Aquarius. Our focus is from Libra, where Sun, Mars, the last New Moon, and most importantly, Mercury retrograde have been hanging out together for the last few weeks. Our conscious awareness (Sun), how we walk and choose (Mars), how we think and communicate (Mercury) have all been holding a Square to Pluto, while at the same time Trining Jupiter. A Full Moon that T-Squares Pluto guarantees some breakdowns designed to lead to breakthroughs as this lunation is in great conflict with the planet of Death. But at the very same time, the Sun and Mars in Libra Trine Jupiter in Aquarius tells us that only expansion is taking place. Put them together, and any and all changes – even the ones that feel like a death at this time – are for our benefit, and our ultimate expansion.

If you have been following me for any appreciable amount of time, you know that I approach all Full Moons with an emphasis on what is possible in the world of change and transformation. We must face the shadow in order to integrate our own sense of personal power, and move through life in a more masterful way. This Full Moon puts us through a mini phoenix experience, by holding the most conflictual geometry, the Square, with the planet that brings death (Pluto), so that a rebirth can follow. But by simultaneously Trining Jupiter, the planet of abundance, the promise of expansion built into this moment of surrender carries the potential for all of our desires to be made manifest into form. This Full Moon tells us you can have absolutely everything you want and desire, but you may have to first surrender to what has to be released in order for you to have what you desire. Let go now to receive tremendous benefit later.

Of course, this is the polarity of love relationships, as Aries/Libra offer the very idea of self and other in communion. Therefore, it is a great boon to us that Venus is holding the Great Eliminator angle with Uranus, the Great Awakener during this Full Moon. Venus is how we give and receive love, and Uranus only wants us to operate at the highest level of our potential. The 150-degree angle helps us shave off just what isn’t working, and allows us to up our game with regard to love and intimacy at this time. Remember that every prayer is answered, and often a request for more love requires the need to make room for it. If something you hold dear is removed from your life during this lunar cycle, let it go, even if it grieves you, for this transit adds an unexpected anything-can-happen in the realms of love, intimacy, and relationship.

There is a lot of power in this Full Moon, and at the end of the day, the watchword for moving successfully through this lunar cycle might just be, “surrender.” If something needs to leave your life right now, there is a good chance it is being snatched away. Surrender to that. Perhaps you see exactly what you need to let go of, but find yourself entangled and attached to relationship energy that is demanding of you a dramatic change you feel ill prepare to accomplish. Surrender to that. And if you aren’t clear about what you are releasing in this powerful Full Moon, you can drop into the following prayer: “As I open myself to receive more love, I courageously allow anything that needs to be released, known and unknown, conscious and unconscious, to fall away with grace and ease.” And then, surrender to that.