The Full Moon in Aries is exact this afternoon at 1:54pm PDT. We are in Libra season, so the Sun is shining awareness onto our relationship experience. This is the self/other trajectory, where Aries brings the I Am, and Libra carries the We Are. And while the focus may seem to be on romantic connection, Libra is the mansion where we recognize that our primary relationship is with the outside world, existence itself, and whatever describes your spiritual connection. However you define it, when we put that relationship first, all of our other connections thrive. But whether this moment seems to be about your romances, or how you relate to the world at large, this Full Moon brings with it an enormous healing opportunity.

The Aries Moon is Conjunct Chiron, the Great Healer himself. They are in fact only 3-degrees apart, which is a very tight Conjunction, and this amplifies the energy of both. The Moon is our unconscious mind, and Chiron is the healing presence. Since all healing is done through working with unconscious impulses, this Conjunction offers a healing at a significantly amplified level. Across the way, Venus is hanging out with the Sun; in fact, they are also just 3-degrees apart. Venus and Sun together allows us to be consciously aware of just how our open our hearts are at this time, and if there are any wounds blocking love, we are going to be fully aware of it. So, we have two Oppositions that are powerful in and of themselves: Sun and Moon, Venus, and Chiron. And they are side by side, forming one, ginormous Conjunction/Opposition, capable of generating healing in the heart. This is big.

Sun and Moon make this moment the Full Moon that it is, where the door to our unconscious is wide open, so we can do some work in the below. Venus and Chiron in an Opposition means that our hearts are just aching to release whatever layer of wound is ready, so that we might love more deeply, fully, and vulnerably. And no one is going to escape the demands of the moment, as Oppositions force things to occur. Whether it’s a swerve, dance, or crash, your heart and your wounds are in the game right now, and if you play your cards right (and this may hurt a bit) you can clear out some new layers of openness in your heart. But obviously, you may absolutely have to let something old go in order to make room for something new.

There may be very complex ways this Full Moon will trigger experiences that may take months to play out. Saturn and Mars are generating a Grand Air Trine with the Sun and Venus, as Mars is poised to go retrograde for several months starting at the end of October. Saturn wants us to move from our greatest wisdom, and will provide the lessons necessary to make higher choices as we learn and grow. Mars is how we choose and act, and this harmonious geometry is telling a story. Saturn tells us what the lesson is, and guides us to step up to bringing our A game in all that we do, and he may be asking us to face something difficult right now. But Mars tells a different story.
Mars rules this Full Moon, as Aries is his ruling sign. That he is connected to Saturn in a Trine means that the healings generated – and lessoned learned – in this lunar cycle can fold directly into new behaviors. But some courage may be required, and definitely some patience. Saturn and Mars can help you do the right thing, even if it is scary. That they both are also Trining the Sun and Venus means we are likely to be very clear about what needs adjusting in our hearts and intimate spaces. Then Mars will turn around in exactly three weeks, and his 2-1/2 month backward journey will help ground these new choices into our psyche as permanent transformations, and new behaviors. Gemini, the sign that Mars is in, is all about our connections and how we relate to others. By the time we get to next spring (autumn down under) there may be all sorts of new things possible, especially in love and relationship, because of healing and releasing that we are allowing now.

And just in case you need a little encouragement to go deep and dig into your most vulnerable places in your heart, Mercury is in a Trine with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. This peaked a few days ago, but this deep dive into the shadow was part of Mercury’s retrograde cycle, so we may be voicing things now that took us a few months to get the courage, clarity, or both, to speak into. Mercury in a Trine with Pluto can help is keep our voice strong, even when we are angry or frightened, and this can help us navigate the vulnerability that is built into this lunar cycle.

Speaking of anger, this is also a Full Moon that seeks to help us balance between our relationship to expressing anger, and keeping the peace. In Aries, our responses can shut off love through reactivity. In Libra, we can block love through accommodation, people pleasing, and valuing peace over truth. This is the Full Moon in which to release whichever side of this equation causes you the most misalignment, and allow the moment to facilitate the next level of integration you are ready for. Aries is a fire sign, so if you want to ritualize the experience, make sure to burn something as a symbolic representation of the transformation you are moving through at this time. This Full Moon can burn through the most stubborn of old, wounded consciousness that blocks you from receiving more love. Dive into the fire, and trust there is a beautiful phoenix in your heart, ready to rise again, only higher. Have at it.