The Aries Full Moon is exact at 2:57am PDT. This is a lunation about our relationships and all the ways we are changing how we approach the giving and receiving of love. The Sun is in Libra, so our conscious awareness is aligned with life as a mirror, where the outside world we experience is a direct reflection of our inner perceptions. This is how all relationships work, and in Libra, we know this completely; Libra is the “we” of the zodiac. Aries, of course, is the “me” of the zodiac, and in a Full Moon in Aries, we are releasing aspects of self that inhibit us from having more balanced, harmonious, and loving relationships. By the time we finish this lunar cycle, nothing will be the same in terms of how we live in our hearts. We are learning how to live by seeing the entire world as our Beloved, and allowing our personal experience of relationship to be an artifact of that divine posture.

Venus has been through a mighty retrograde cycle and in just a week, she will complete a process we have been in since mid-June. She is participating directly in today’s lunation with a powerfully disruptive, unstable, and dynamic transit of redirection. Venus in a Square with Uranus generates sudden change, and since she has been in a retrograde cycle since mid-June, this transit has been part of that four-month journey. Much may have transformed in your heart experience in the past few months, and this Full Moon may be the epic peak of such transformations in the world of love, intimacy, romance, and even how you relate to your finances (Venus rules money).

Look back to July 2nd and August 9th, as those were the dates this transit hit for the first two times, and that may offer some clues to what this moment may be bringing you in terms of pivots in matters of the heart. If anything specific aligns with those two dates, you can rest assured that this Full Moon is bringing some change to the forefront, and might even be putting a button on radical changes that have been taking place over the past four months. Because this is a relationship oriented Full Moon (Aries/Libra is always about our relationships), there is a very good chance that some of your relationships are going to change drastically inside of this lunar cycle. Some will end abruptly, while other new ones may begin out of nowhere. And those that have stayed steadfast through all of Venus’s retro cycle likely have been radically altered, and those shifts continue with this Full Moon and the rest of this lunar cycle.

There are a handful of very helpful sidebar planetary transits that round out this Full Moon. Mercury is in a Trine with both Jupiter and Uranus, and so our perceptions are ready to shift radically and in revolutionary style (Trine Uranus), and we are able to see the greener grass we are seeking to manifest (Trine Jupiter). Mars is Conjunct the South Node. I like to say the body knows everything, and Mars close to the South Node means our bodies are ready to release old patterns and habits that keep us from right relationship. Since Mars is in Venus’s ruling sign of Libra, he gets his disposition from her, and while he’s not particularly comfortable in this sign, it’s still all about love and relationships with Mars in Libra. Over on the other side of the solar system, Chiron the Great Healer is Conjunct the North Node, so we are being guided forward into a new future through the principle of wounds that have been healed. We all have a readiness for love at a deeper level, because we’ve made more space in our hearts by clearing out wound.

Consider all of your relationships at this time, and commit to allowing transformational change to take place, even if that feels scary and unsettling to do. Also be curious about all the ways you put your own needs aside in favor of keeping the peace, for that is a specific shadow of Libra that may be up right now for you to let go of. There is a cute saying that goes, “When people pleasers stop pleasing, people aren’t pleased.” If this sounds like you, this is your Full Moon to release that habit, no matter how people around you respond. Conversely, if you are often too focused on self where you ignore the needs of others, this is also your Full Moon to let go of ways where selfishness inhibits more loving connections. This Full Moon is ruled by Mars, and so this lunation is also all about our taking decisive action to be the leader in our own domains, and anything that inhibits you from being clear, assertive, and ready to take on the world can be released during this Full Moon. You know what you want, and hopefully you also know what you have to let go of in order to move into action at this time to create your desires manifest in form. Have at it!