The Full Moon in Capricorn hits today at 11:37am PDT. We are in the Cancer mansion, and so our conscious focus is on self-care, restoration, and having a deep understanding how to get our needs met. We place value on home, family, and all the ways we prepare ourselves behind the scenes to meet the demands of the outside world. Capricorn is where we work with those demands, turn them into goals, and climb the mountain of our desires and ambitions. This is a powerfully transformative Full Moon, and much is changing for us at a very deep level, as the Moon will be just a few degrees away from Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, the planet that brings change at the level of death and rebirth.

In every Full Moon, there is more light being shone into our unconscious spaces, and we can work with things that are typically hidden from our conscious awareness. Add to that Pluto’s ownership of the underworld, and we are getting a rare opportunity to slide even deeper into those unconscious spaces, where the old wounds are attached. Because the polarity in question is Cancer/Capricorn, issues of family trauma and healing childhood wounds may play a front and center role. But if that not part of your narrative right now, this polarity is all about retreat and advance, where we use the Capricorn energy to move forward in a measured and disciplined way, talking our desires and building them out in the world. We come home to Cancer to rest and restore, so we can get back out there, and do it all over again.

Whether the wounds feel like family-of-origin material or not, this is the Full Moon to consider whatever might be holding you back from climbing higher up your own personal mountains. The value of diving in and allowing what wants to be released right now can pay off great dividends, as there is a beautiful pattern forming with this Full Moon. It’s called a Kite, and what do kites do, but fly. We are all letting go of inhibitions that are keeping us from flying forward with power and precision. A Kite is formed when a Grand Trine, three planets in a perfect triangle, has a fourth planet opposite one of the points in that triangle.

In this Full Moon, the back end of the Kite is the Sun in Cancer, so our conscious awareness is stabilizing this moment, focused on the care of self. Mercury is nearby so our minds are in alignment with what we are aware of, and Black Moon Lilith in Cancer is all over this entire lunar cycle (remember the New Moon in Cancer was exactly Conjunct BML), so we are more deeply in touch with our shadow and rage. On one side of the triangle is Neptune, so we are being guided through this moment by our spiritual practice. The third point in the triangle is the South Node of the Moon, where we hold all of the challenges from our past until we are ready to let them go, and that letting go moment, is now. The Capricorn Moon is what turns this triangle into a Kite, and is the head of the Kite, the direction in which it flies. Pluto is Conjunct the Moon, so in order for this Kite to truly fly, we have to jump off the cliff to our metaphoric death, in order to rise again, transformed.

There is another beautiful pattern in this Full Moon called a Mystic Rectangle. This shape is made when two sets of Oppositions crisscross, and the far edges of each side form 60-degree angles to each other. What this sets up is a perfect recipe for manifestation and generation, where energies are working at peak productivity. The two Oppositions that form this Mystic Rectangle are the Moon and the Sun on one hand, the Nodes of the Moon on the other. This shape pairs up the Sun and the North Node, while the Moon is working with the South Node. This is brilliant, because our conscious awareness (Sun) is working with what we need to know to move forward (North Node), and our unconscious mind (Moon) is working with the past (South Node), helping us to release baggage from deep within our unconscious that we have been dragging behind us for far too long.

This Mystic Rectangle offers outrageous outer planet assistance from the two multidimensional agents of change. Uranus, the fast change planet, is Conjunct the North Node, indicating that the collective is moving forward at breakneck speed, and we need to keep up. Pluto, slow change, is with the Moon, so our unconscious luminary has the assistance of the Lord of the Underworld. We must all die a bit of a death right now in order for us to rise again and meet the demands of this world gone mad. This is an elegant mechanism for releasing – and at a very deep level – all sorts of stuff that limits our ability to move powerfully forward.

I know this is a scary time. The world is in some trouble, and it would be very comforting if we could just ride this one out, hop under the covers, and wait for the storm to pass. Cancer would love that. We might get so activated at this time and start climbing all sorts of mountains of doing, accomplishing, and building our empires without rest. Capricorn invented that idea. But this is the Full Moon, a moment where we take two opposing side, put them together, and create a transcendent third. That third thing is us, rested, restored, and ready to take on the next mountain we must climb. We commit to meeting the demands that the world is placing on us by responding with an equal emphasis on the healing, and care of self-needed to meet those demands.

Know this: if there is anything that you are holding on to that truly is getting in the way of your personal evolution, this is one Full Moon that you will not be able to sit out, slinking on the sidelines, hoping it won’t hit you head on. There is a phrase that I have used regarding my own personal growth through the years where change was occurring at such a deep level, and with seeming assistance from the greater, multidimensional energies that support us. I call it a psychic surgery. If you are on the path toward self-actualization, (and if you are reading this, that means you), this Full Moon is a psychic surgery capable of removing even the most deeply held blocks, and your decision to allow this was made long ago. This is that inevitable moment where we must surrender to the changes that are taking place and know that as you dive off the cliff as I am encouraging you to do, you will find yourself caught and carried by the hands of the Divine. Have at it!