At 4:38am PDT this morning, the Capricorn Moon will Oppose the Cancer Sun, and we move through this lunar cycle’s Full Moon. We are in the Cancer mansion, and so our focus is on self-care, restoration, and having a deep understanding of how to get our needs met. We place value on home, family, and all the ways we prepare ourselves behind the scenes to meet the demands of the outside world. Capricorn is where we work with those demands, turn them into goals, and climb the mountain of our desires and ambitions. This is a restorative Full Moon, with a lot of positive background aspects, and a tremendous potential for healing. There are also things that happen in our hearts that will be part of Venus’s upcoming retrograde, so emotionally charged experiences that rise up now may be part of the next three months, so pay extra attention to what your relationship experiences (and your finances) are revealing to you right now. Things that rise up now will be revisited more than once in the coming months.

Let’s start with the healing potential of this Full Moon. Venus, Mars, and Black Moon Lilith are all hanging out in Leo, and all three of them are holding a Trine with Chiron, the Great Healer. What is peaking exactly at this moment is the Trine between Black Moon Lilith and Chiron, opening us up to allowing shadow material to rise up easily from the unconscious, generating a profound potential for healing. Make no mistake about it, the door to the basement where the shadow dwells is wide open right now. Venus and Mars both met up with BML over the last week, and back on June 28th, Venus and Black Moon Lilith came together by Conjunction, opening us up to some deep shadow work in the heart. If anything intense has been part of your relationship dynamics this past week, this Full Moon may signal a moment of release, transformation, and change. But remember that Venus will go retrograde at the end of the month, so we are not done by a long shot with some deep healing and unconscious explorations in matters of the heart that will mark the rest of the summer (winter down under).

Speaking of Venus, she is holding an exact Square to Uranus, the Great Awakener in this Full Moon, so again, providing more material we will be processing in Venus’s retrograde. The Venus connection with Black Moon Lilith described above is internal, and may reflect some deep personal introspection, and inner explorations. But a Square from Venus to Uranus is certain to bring some circumstances that come out of nowhere and challenge how you are living in your heart right now. In terms of the energy of these few days, there could be lots of social, emotional, and relational excitement, but if you are surprised by anything that happens, or something in your intimacy world suddenly moves in a new direction, you can expect to be dealing with the aftermath of such circumstances for the next few months.

There is a stunning sense of possibility right now driven by Jupiter creating what is known as an Easy Opposition to this Full Moon. Any Opposition sets up tremendous tension, and if another object splits that Opposition up into the easier geometry of the Sextile and the Trine, then the experience of that tension diminishes. The tension of opposites in a Full Moon is the pull between our conscious awareness (Sun) and our unconscious mind (Moon). When that planet is Jupiter, then abundance, prosperity, confidence, optimism, joy, and expansion are all over this lunation. This certainly puts a thread of delicious energy into this day, but also implies that the deep work that in this Full Moon will be worth every difficult turn and squeeze we have to attend to. The presence of Chiron and BML are deeply healing, but could generate some big feelings, as you cannot heal a wound that is not retriggered. Jupiter is telling us that this moment is key to our expansion, and because he is in Venus’s sign of Taurus, truly it is Love that leads us through what might also be a deeply emotionally tender time.

When it comes to releasing the past in this Full Moon, there is a loose Grand Water Trine between the Cancer Sun, the South Node of the Moon in Scorpio, and Saturn in Pisces. Water reflects our emotional experience and this pattern in the lunation may increase the tenderness of all the feels rising up. But Saturn may stabilize us a bit, and his presence certainly helps us be responsible for the lessons we are learning in all of this. That the South Node is involved in this Trine increases our capacity to release patterns that gripped us in the past, as this point quite literally holds our past until we are ready to let it go. But again, I remind you that Venus’s retrograde could indicate that this may take a few months of work to truly play out and leave our hearts more open to giving and receiving love. Again, if you have not watched my Venus retrograde Master Class, the recording is still available for purchase by CLICKING HERE.

Emotional resilience and a balance between rest and movement are key during this Full Moon. Consider your relationship to self-care, as the Sun in Cancer wants us to value restoration and preparation. If you err on the side of not enough self-care, then what you are releasing should be pretty clear. But Cancer is also where inhibition and hiding was invented, so some of you need to release your impulses to overprotect yourself and allow more vulnerability into your experience as you move powerfully out into the world. Cancer and Capricorn are the mommy and daddy of the zodiac, and so this Full Moon has the capacity to regulate and shift us, all the way back to family dynamics that formed who we are as adults. How we relate to safety and security in our lives is formed in the vat of our early childhood experience. This is the Full Moon where anything in the direction of too much inhibition, or not enough self-care, is restored to balance. Have at it.