At 6:07pm PDT tonight, we move through the first of two Full Moons in Capricorn. In the Cancer mansion, we are in consideration of the family, our relationship with what nurtures and sustains us personally, how we practice self-care as adults, and all the ways that we are who we are because of the history that formed us. It is not random that Cancer is the memory of the zodiac, and this archetype’s relationship with literal family is also where we understand the impact of ongoing family dynamics, passed on generation after generation.

Of course, the past informs us in ways that do not connect directly to family, so Cancer reflects all the ways we carry the past with us into the future. Then in the Opposite sign of Capricorn, we understand that we must let go of the past, leave home, venture out into the world, create our own meaning, and generate all the structure through which we contribute to our public lives.

Any time two energies oppose each other, there is the potential for the creation of what we call the transcendent third. In Cancer/Cap, we start with the deeply personal, add the public desires that you have to be disciplined, focused, and successful. In the crucible of the Full Moon, we then find what needs to be changed, released, or otherwise transformed so we might be able to climb higher up that mountain of our dreams and aspirations for a bigger life. A more integrated life, free of the past, and enthusiastically focused on what we are creating now, can be the result.

Not everyone will identify with this, but I certainly believe I was sent here by my ancestors to heal the ancestral wound and free my lineage. If you identify with this idea, then you already fully understand this Full Moon. And we have two opportunities to address the same themes as this lunation is taking place at 1-degree of Cap, and in four weeks, we have another Cap Full Moon at the 30th, mastery degree of the same sign. Another personal way this Full Moon is hitting me is, as many of you know, I have just gotten a puppy, and I am in the (very challenging) transformation of what home and hearth is for me, and the new forms of love I am receiving will be helping me climb my own mountains more powerfully.

A Blue Moon is two Full Moons in the same calendar month, which just makes me roll my eyes – who cares? But two in a row in the same sign, now THAT’S a double opportunity to do some deep work in the same themes, and when these two lunar cycles are complete, nothing will be as it was, especially as it relates to home, hearth, family, and your private life. Fortunately, there is a lot of support for this in today’s lunation, and it starts with what the personal planets are doing.

Venus and Mercury have just been traveling together, and they moved into Cancer at the same time this past Monday. So, we are in a rare alignment of conscious awareness, mind, and heart, all focused on family, home, and all the other Cancernian qualities. Mars is participating in his way as well, by Sextiling this juicy Cancer stelium, so all four bodies are working really well together. Mental body (Mercury) emotional body (Venus) working productively with the physical body (Mars), and the spiritual body is leading the dance today (Moon and Sun). The four-body system makes up what we call the Merkabah, the sacred, integrated body that allows our soul to move through this life. I love the elegance of this, as we each carry our homes with us in a psychic way, and Cancer invented this.

If you want to get more literal with how you work with this lunation, Pluto holds the key. Ask yourself what is holding you back from your past, and let Pluto perform his psychic surgery on you. The Sun is at 1-degree of Cancer, and Pluto is at 1-degree of Aquarius, and this Inconjunct is the angle I refer to as the Great Eliminator. Pluto generates change at the deepest level, and this Full Moon has the capacity to reach deep into each of our personal Underworlds, and help us excavate whatever next layer of old psyche that is ready to be scraped off our hearts.

I’m saving the best for last, because if you think you will be clear about what’s going on with you right now, think again, because this Full Moon has a double dose of unconscious elements. Firstly, all Full Moons are about unconscious release, because the Moon is literally our astrological arbiter of the unconscious mind. But the planet and sign that invented the unconscious is Neptune in Pisces, and this lunation is T-Squared by the Great Spirit. This means we are completely guided, but in a way that may leave us feeling a little lost, confused, or at sea. This is where you want to trust that your unconscious has your back.

My daily subscribers read all about the Equinox that arrived yesterday, and so we also have that collective energy amplifying what’s possible in this Full Moon. If you have been following me for a while, you may be familiar with how I often encourage prayer around the Full Moon, and this one is almost tailor made for this approach. Put into your awareness what it is you want to create, or are actively working on in your life. And then say: I am now ready to release anything, known and unknown, conscious and unconscious, that inhibits my ability to meet the demands of my life, and the desires I have for more, and the magnificent creations I am offering the world. And so it is, and have at it!