The Full Moon in Capricorn hits this morning at 11:39am PDT, and we are moving through what is likely to be the apex of a healing experience that 2021 promises. The big transit of the year is, of course, Saturn and Uranus in a Square, where the Great Teacher (Saturn) and the Great Awakener (Uranus) are battling out some unstable change on the planet. As a side bar to that, Saturn is also holding the productive and creative 60-degree angle (Sextile) with Chiron the Great Healer, and this is what is allowing as all as individuals to move through the various inner shifts, psychic transformations, and the healing of wounds that inhibit us from embracing the changes that we are moving through. This Sextile hit back in early February, and will wrap up at the end of November. Some of you may see a thread to something that is rising up now that may have emerged early in the year, and this is the moment of release and deep healing, to whatever extent you are ready to let go of deeply held wounded consciousness.

There is a lot to break down in this Full Moon, but let’s start with the basics of the Capricorn/Cancer polarity. We are in the Cancer mansion, which is all about self-care, nurturance, and most importantly preparation. Cancer is the mother, and the act of birthing, whereas Capricorn, the father, is where we climb the mountain of our desires, which we can only do when we are rested, sustained, and safe. Pulling these two Oppositions together in this Full Moon asks us to celebrate the goals and ambitions we have so far manifested, and lean deeply into the question, “What must I release from the depths of my psyche that inhibit my powerful movement out and about in the world?” Capricorn is the drive of having something important to accomplish, and Cancer is the good night’s sleep and full stomach needed to accomplish all of those powerful desires.

What inhibits our ascension to the top of the mountain of our consciousness is always wound. We are wounded from the moment we arrive in this life, as birth itself is being ripped through flesh. This is a Cancer/Capricorn consciousness, as Cancer always remains the archetype of where we go to receive healing, in a protected and safe environment. The Full Moon in Capricorn reminds us of why this is so important. Climbing the mountain of consciousness every day is a Sisyphean act; constant in its demand that we consistently return to heal, release old wounds, and let go of what is ready to be let go of at this moment, and get ready for that next relentless climb.

This Full Moon is jam packed with assistance in this very process which of course is lead by Saturn and Chiron. But Venus have been very active this entire year, and in this way, our hearts have been taken on quite a journey as we dust off the process of 2020 and seek to rebuild the world from the inside out. Today, she is in an Opposition to Pluto, and our emotional body (Venus) is generating some tremendous friction with the underworld (Pluto). Feelings are wildly intense; we can get a glimpse into deeper places in our psyche where wounds are treacherous and tricky, and where they are attached to us in our own personal underworld. Venus is in Cancer, and so she is more emotionally tender that ever, and this Opposition with Pluto is like being on the table being prepped for psychic surgery on the heart. This transit helps explain why emotional experiences have been particularly dicey right now, as we have been inching toward this release moment for months now.

Every Full Moon is such a release, but this one packs an enormous punch. Oppositions are always tense, that is the nature of the geometry, and Full Moons are this. When a planet comes into alignment with an Opposition in just the right placement, it can divide that 180-degree tension into easier segments to grapple with; it is known, therefore, as an Easy Opposition. Jupiter, the planet of all abundance, prosperity, and expansion, is holding just this geometry with the Full Moon, by Trining the Sun and Sextiling the Moon. The Trine means that our conscious awareness (Sun) is easily aware of and connected to (Trine) all the possibilities of the manifestation desires that we have (Jupiter). But the work of healing and releasing wounds is the domain of the Moon, who represents our unconscious impulses.

The Sextile or 60-degree angle is the geometry of productivity and possibility – but only if we pick up the tools and work the moment. A Sextile says that something has potential, and in this narrative, that potential is a miracle-level healing and release of old wounded trauma. If you lean into the work of self-reflection and find within you a profound willingness to feel the scary feels, the potential for coming out of this lunar cycle radically transformed in deep places in your consciousness is about as good as it gets. And Jupiter promises that though this work may feel treacherous and is leaving us all truly vulnerable, great things are possible on the other side of this healing. We are smack dab in the middle of this year of unstable change, and this is truly the apex of releasing the traumas of not only your personal trek through your life, but also the traumas of 2020.

There is more about this Full Moon that makes it powerful, but the only last thing I will add to this already complex mix is another Easy Opposition. Remember that Venus in Opposition to Pluto is just so deep and potentially painful. Painful, but necessary. Think of literal surgery; the object and aim is to heal, and the first thing the surgeon must do is cut into your body, generating another wound through which the healing takes place. Neptune, the Great Spirit, is dividing that Opposition up into two easier geometries which means that the people on the planet who will sail through this moment more gracefully, are those with a spiritual practice. Turn to whatever connects you most to the Divine during these few days for the comfort and courage that may be required of you at this time. And remember, there is no wound that Spirit cannot heal.