At 1:16am PST, the Gemini Moon will Oppose the Sagittarius Sun, and we move through the Full Moon of this lunar cycle. With the Sun in Sagittarius, we are consciously aware of all the expansion we are attempting to generate for ourselves, as this sign is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and prosperity. When we are in this mansion, we are not as held back by our limitations, at least that is what is possible. Sagittarius says we can have it all, and have it in abundance. But as you know, the generosity of our lives is completely dictated by our perceptions of it. Live a life of complaint and argument, and that perception creates your entire reality. See life as filled with possibility, and that will be your experience. Which twin are you going to listen to? This is the Full Moon where we want to turn to the Gemini twin that trusts the flow of life, and ask the other twin that is filled with doubt and fear, to quiet itself.

Given that this Full Moon is ruled by Mercury, it is interesting that Mercury is very active right now. Yesterday, he Trined the North Node, and that brought the energy of connection with others, easy group associations, and a sense that our mind, thinking, communication, and perceptions are helping move us easily forward through this cycle, and beyond. Unconscious releases that this lunation ushers in can fold directly into a sense of clarity about what we want and where we want to go. However, today, Mercury also perfects a Square with Neptune, which is quite the opposite energetic sensation. Neptune brings us closer to spirit and a sense of oneness, but when the geometry is hard, like a 90-degree Square of conflict and obstacle, the shadow of Neptune is cloudiness, confusion, lack of clarity, and not seeing things as they really are.

My job as an astrologer often includes interpreting contradictions, and this combo is truly contradictory. Because the clarity-inducing Trine hit yesterday, and the Square to Neptune peaks today, we have less clarity and more confusion today. Neptune is in charge of our unconscious; this is the planet that invented it in the first place. So, while the day may bring us some profound moments of confusion, trust that the uncosncoius is busy at work, allowing the Moon to open us up to things below the surface that are ready to be released, as happens in every Full Moon. You can see why I am telling you both twins are activated in this Full Moon, and they are sitting on our shoulders like the proverbial devil and angel, and we are being given a choice to focus on one, over the other.

There are some things happening alongside this lunation that are complex and interesting. Venus is still in her ruling sign of Libra, and she has been very busy these last months taking us through some healings in the heart. She is about to cross over the South Node, helping us move through a deep release of emotional baggage that is ready to be dropped. She will also create the Great Eliminator angle with Neptune in a more will be revealed transit, and both of these play out next week, and so that emotional process is built into this New Moon moment as well. The Sun and Mars are together, so the releases we move though this lunar cycle get downloaded directly into our embodiment, and if we need to change our behaviors in any ways to serve the new consciousness we are excavating, we will have the ability to make new behavioral choices with some ease because of the healings we are allowing.

The Sun and Mars are also holding the Great Eliminator angle with Jupiter, further emphasizing the good that can come from allowing your thinking and perceptions to change at this time. What we drop allows us to receive more abundance, prosperity, and expansion. Mars has spent the last week or so in direct contact with the Sun, and they are still close enough to impact this lunation. Mars reflects our goals, projects, decisions, and choices, and we will all be free to make new choices that come from clearer places in the uncosncoius, but first we must move through the middle of this lunar cycle, and let some shit go.

Because the Moon is in Gemini, your journal is the tool du jour. Gemini invented words, and so we can use our intellect to assist us through this Full Moon, so it’s a great time for an inventory of your current state of affairs. When in doubt, just make a list of all the amazing things that your life is expressing right now, and there’s your harvest-the-benefit portion of this Full Moon. Then write a list of all the things you wish were different, gone, transformed, or somehow no longer part of your experience. If you burn that list, your unconscious will not know it’s a ritual, but will take that as a direct signal to release that which you intend to be free of. The last piece of important astro info about this Full Moon is that it is in a Square with Saturn, the Great Teacher, so the importance of rising to our highest level of wisdom, incorporating all the lessons we have learned of late is at an all time high.

I was doing a radio interview the other day promoting my new book coming out in January and I was asked what I thought was the single most important aspects of living an integrated life, and without missing a beat, I answered, “A disciplined mind.” We cannot change the first thought that impulsively rises up out of the unconscious, but we absolutely and unequivocally can control the next thought, and whether we stay attached to a perception that may be causing us discomfort. When you don’t like where your mind is taking you, you can say (do this out loud), “Stop. I am no longer interested in that thought. Instead, I choose to focus on that perception that all is well.” Say that every day about 17,652 times, and do it consistently for a few years, and you will be amazed at the freedom you will generate in your psyche. This Full Moon is practically designed for this process, so start practicing some control over the only thing that is within your control, what you are focusing your mind on. Change your mind, change your life. Have at it.