The Full Moon in Gemini that is also a lunar eclipse is exact in the early hours of today. Just after midnight at 1:29am PST, the Gemini Moon will Oppose the Sun in Sagittarius, and we are off to the races in a two-week intensity of energy that is eclipse season. Because this lunation is also an eclipse, it raises the stakes of what is possible. Every six months, the alignment of the Sun and the Nodes of the Moon are just right, such that they allow the relentless beam of the light of consciousness to be broken for a moment. This is sort of like turning the system off and on again in a grand reset. The energetic stakes in an eclipse are remarkably higher, though the symbolic meaning we attribute to it are the same as any Full Moon; only extra.

Gemini is one of the signs ruled by Mercury, and so this Full Moon is all about ideas, our thinking processes, and how we intellectually orient ourselves to the world. But Mercury himself right now is in Scorpio, the sign ruled by Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. So, in a way, this Full Moon is very much about change and transformation, and a tremendous opportunity to let go of an overly intellectual orientation to the world and how you perceive it. What you think about your world may seem like everything to you, but chances are, your thoughts about your life are what is causing the greatest suffering. Let me explain.

We have a human need to make sense of our world, and we do this with our thoughts, the invention of the Gemini mansion. It is through these twins that we first understand how to codify life and make sense of who we are through our mental perception of everything we experience. But our mind is designed to simply be the narrator of our experience, and not the experience itself. The mind tells us the who, where, and when that we are, but those thoughts are not our actual identity. For that, we must go to a much higher level of consciousness, where we understand the extraordinary notion that there is only one of us here; the magnificent Universe that invented us in the first place, and this is the idea we come to know in the Sagittarius mansion.

Can you look out across the room at someone who has very different view from you and also know that they are a child of the Divine, the same Divine Universe that created you? If we are all One, how do we grapple with the notion that that Unity Consciousness is expressed as 6-plus billion individualized expressions of that Unity? I believe this is the most difficult thing there is to do once we enter a body. And this accelerated and amplified moment on the planet is being driven by polarization gone awry, and we must find our way to maintain our own sense of individuality, while simultaneously recognizing that that person you are hating on for having different beliefs, is really just you in the mirror. End that war inside your own mind, and we are one step closer to Peace for Humanity.

There is one rather significant planetary sidebar with this eclipse, which is the 150-angle known as the Great Eliminator, which is being held between the Sun and Uranus, the Great Awakener. Since every Full Moon is an opportunity to release what no longer serves us, anything that assists us in that process is a boon. The Sun is our conscious awareness, and you can’t let something go if you aren’t fully aware of what needs to be dropped. Uranus holding the fork-in-the-road energy with the Sun brings just the right flash of brilliance needed to see with great clarity exactly what needs your attention. I like to say that if you need a miracle, you want Uranus in the house. With a bolt of his lighting, the Great Awakener can truly change things on a dime, and there is nothing you could desire to let go of that can’t be dropped under this influence.

With the Moon in Gemini, writing is the tool of the moment. Remember to focus on all that you are grateful for at this time, as it can be easy to forget that part of every Full Moon. Yes, we release the old, but fully half of the power of any Full Moon is the harvest. If we ever needed a moment to focus on the wins, this is it, so be sure to dig deep into your experience of this past year, consider all of the gifts and expansions, and write them down. Only then turn to what you are ready to release.

The energy of this moment is powerful and intense. This Full Moon engages us at the level of thoughts, words and ideas, but also remember that this very milieu where we get tripped up with in the first place; racing thoughts, too many thoughts, changing thoughts, thoughts that seem inspired but lead nowhere. When looking to what you are ready to let go of in this Gemini Full Moon, be sure to consider relying too heavily on what is going on in your mind; in other words, don’t believe everything that you think.