The Full Moon in Leo hits this morning at 11:15am PST, and this one is a whopper. In the Leo/Aquarius polarity, we are seeking to integrate what is good for ourselves with what is needed by the community. Leo invented self-love. In the Aquarius mansion, we love the world around us. Leo is where we learn sovereignty of self, and where we organically fall into leadership, but this Full Moon asks us to integrate these two perspectives. Personal leadership on the one hand; communal cooperation and service on the other.

Full Moons are always about gratitude and release, and Leo, through his love of the joyful elements of being embodied, is the archetype that invented gratitude in the first place. On the release side of this mechanism, this is a great lunation in which to consider what you need to drop in order to more fully serve the community in which you dwell. Right now, things on the planet continue to heat up, and the world-gone-mad isn’t backing down. It has never been more important to be in the world, but not of it. This is taken to an extreme level by virtue of the Aquarius Sun being Conjunct both Saturn and Jupiter, the social planets that reflect the life that we share as a global community. The Sun is shining his conscious awareness on the entire social fabric of the world, which is undergoing a radical transformation in these tumultuous years. And just as we get 2021 rolling, we are asked to step up to a much higher level of serving the world and attempt to usher in the promise of world peace that Aquarius embodies.

Venus and Pluto are on the side of this lunation forming a perfect Conjunction at the very moment the lunation hits. We are more open to change and transformation when the planet that guides our heart meets up with the Lord of the Underworld. This is a true Persephone/Hades moment, where the energy of love and the shadow are easy bedfellows, so this moment will likely include some depth and intensity that is not only pleasant, but transformative. Of course, the other side of this continuum can include darker feelings that are associated with love and intimacy such as jealousy, obsession, and territorial disputes. This is a real moment of reckoning around knowing that there is enough love in the world, and just because there are perceived losses and painful transitions occurring at this time, we can trust that all change is happening for our Good, even if the process forces us into deep territory, where leaning into such an enormous amount of change can be terrifying.

We are about 2/3 of the way through a two-decade process where healing and waking up to higher levels of awareness go hand in hand, courtesy of Uranus, the Great Awakener, and Chiron, the Great Healer, traveling side by side, 30-degrees apart in the solar system. As such, this Full Moon will Square Uranus and Trine Chiron, so we are moving through a tremendous release opportunity. Uranus just Squared the Sun, and that sudden, anything can happen and probably will energy is still very much present, and Chiron adds the healing component. Any intentions toward releasing that which no longer serves you has some real power right now. Add to this the depths of our emotional openness and vulnerability courtesy of Venus/Pluto, and if you are in need of a deep and profound healing, this lunation has that in great abundance.

Mercury is stationing, which means is just about to drop into his retrograde motion, which will happen in less than two days. We are in that station now, as Mercury will not move from 26-degrees of Aquarius for about six days, when he usually breezes through about a degree a day. That puts the power of this Full Moon into our mental and intellectual process that we are about to move through. Venus and Pluto transform how we live in our hearts, and Mercury retrogrades transform how we work with our thoughts and intellect. Both realms of human consciousness are undergoing a radical realignment in this lunar cycle, and Mercury dropping into the unconscious for a few weeks starting this weekend will have great influence on the moment. Keep in mind that Mercury stationing is the most uncomfortable part of his retrograde – the very beginning and the very end of his backward journey – and that crankiness may be part of the felt sensations of these few Full Moon days.

Leo is a fire sign, and the archetype that invented all creative expression. When considering how to ritualize this Full Moon, remember this, and just have at it. Consider the personal sovereignty of your private impulses to express yourself, and all the while understand that the energy you whip up within your personal sphere really and truly does impact the collective. Raise your personal vibration, and the vibration of the world is raised. When enough people on the planet are working with their embodiment in this way, we will know Peace for Humanity. We are the way showers, who came to do this first and help others to do the same. So, as you are dancing around your living room in honor of this Full Moon, we are all doing just that, so have at it!