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The Full Moon in Libra is exact at 9:34pm PDT, so technically on tomorrow’s calendar for some of you points east. This is a relationship oriented Full Moon, as the Aries/Libra polarity is all about Self and Other. Libra falls into what we call the Southern Hemisphere, what would be the top of the zodiacal wheel. The first six signs are about us in bodies, interacting with our immediate environment. Libra is the first sign where the consciousness of the human organism begins to look out, and connect with the world at large. Libra tells us that experience is a mirror. Everything you encounter is a direct reflection how you are perceiving it. Personal relationship is, of course, the primary way we play this out, and so the Libra Full Moon is certainly going to be about our relationships. But in Libra, everything about the mirror consciousness is up for a little gratitude, and release, as all Full Moons demand.

This is a powerful healing Full Moon. The Sun is in Aries, and so are Chiron and Jupiter, who are still close enough together to be considered Conjunct. The Great Healer (Chiron) and the Great Expander (Jupiter) came together at the exact same degree in Aries in mid-March, providing a powerful sense of expansion through our commitment to healing wounds that keep us from more love. They were still very close to each other at the New Moon that kicked off this lunar cycle. They are now about 3-degrees apart – still very close – and the Aries Sun is sandwiched between them. We are consciously aware of all the Good that it is possible for us to attract (Sun Conjunct Jupiter), and at the same time, completely aware that it is through the healing of wounds that we become able to accept and receive that good (Sun Conjunct Chiron).

This Full Moon focuses on love and relationships for reasons beyond the Libra sensibility. Venus herself, who rules Libra, is in her other ruling sign of Taurus, so our hearts are already aligned with considering how we experience love. Also in Taurus is Uranus, the Great Awakener, that can generate alarming pivots and sudden changes. Venus and Uranus are close enough to be considered Conjunct, and so there may be lots of surprises generated by this Full Moon. Some relationships may end abruptly, while others may start with a flash. Mercury and the North Node are in an exact Conjunction in this lunation, which means whatever this lunar cycle is bringing us, it will guide us powerfully forward into new directions that serve our destiny and sense of purpose. In other words, trust any changes that this Full Moon brings, even if they surprise you. We are being pointed very directly into wherever we are going next.

The activated presence of Uranus in this Full Moon tells us that there is at tremendous instability of the moment, but that is well balanced by a Trine between Mars and Saturn. Mars is all about action and movement, and Saturn invented putting the brakes on. The best expression of this transit is that it helps us slow down our pace so that we don’t miss anything, like an important lesson. Mars in Cancer can be problematic as all that masculine energy in an emotionally contained sign can make vulnerability difficult. Saturn in a Trine with Mars in Cancer allows us to move a little bit slower, and perhaps learn a lesson or two about the power of vulnerability, especially in your intimate interactions. One of the shadows of Libra is peace keeping at all costs, and moving toward forgiveness before the deep process has occurred; this is what we call the spiritual bypass. One of the lessons offered by Mars/Saturn under this Libra umbrella is to find the ways in which you continually betray yourself in order to keep the peace, and let them go.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, is adding some instable fast paced energy to Venus and Mercury/North Node. Any time Uranus is present, unexpected things can happen, and change takes place very rapidly. While Uranus isn’t exactly Conjunct Mercury and the North Node in Taurus (they are 12 degrees apart) there is a Kite Formation being held with that Taurus stelium at the front end. The North Node is literally our direction pointer, and Mars, Saturn, and the South Node are placed such that they form the shape of a Kite, with Mercury and the North Node at the pointy end, so our navigator (Mercury) and our compass (North Node). Kite’s fly. We are being propelled into the future very fast with this Full Moon in a way that might feel unstable. This Saturn Trine will help mitigate that instability, and Mercury’s upcoming retrograde will slow down the way inner, unconscious shifts that occur now, may show up as new choices later.

Again, the relationship focus of this Full Moon is for all our interpersonal relationships, but also remember that the mirror consciousness that Libra invented is about how we perceive the outside world, and how we relate to it. Truly, the world we inhabit is an outward projection of our inner consciousness. In Libra we understand that any change we desire in the outside world must start with us. You would never look in the mirror at a wrinkled shirt, go get the iron, and press the iron all over the mirror in order to look better. And yet, we do this all the time in the form of blame, and focusing outside of us when all growth happens on our side of the street. That’s the mirror consciousness in action at the personal level. At the collective level, this Full Moon can help us all be a bit better at being in the world, but not of it. If we are so triggered by what is happening, we will not be able to serve with our full hearts, vulnerably open. Have at it.