The Full Moon in Libra takes place at 18-degrees of this Venus-ruled sign, and hits tonight at 7:34pm PDT. Libra is all about our experience of relationship, but more fundamentally, this sign is where we understand that the world we live in is a reflection of our consciousness. What you see outside of you is a direct projection of your inner landscape, and the world is moving through one giant projective test right now. High stakes experiences bring out the best and worst in people, and this is currently in full bloom. How you desire to relate to the world is what emerges in this Full Moon, and all Full Moons are about release, this crazy circumstance is getting people in touch with deeper layers of fear and emotional trauma (especially anger), and this lunation can help us drop into some healing, if we allow it.

This Full Moon has the power of Jupiter and Pluto coming together in Conjunction just two days ago. The geometry between the changes happening in the Capricorn mansion and this Libra Full Moon is a Square; 90-degrees of pure conflict and obstacle. This Full Moon is all about love, but we are going to have to do some work to embody it. The planet of change and transformation (Pluto) and the archetype of expansion and abundance (Jupiter) are gathering three times this year, and we are in the first rise of this purifying transit. Absolutely everything is changing on the planet right now, and the opportunity to rise up to higher levels of consciousness are what the real value of this time is. Capricorn, the sign where all of this action is this year, is often mislabeled as the sign where we focus on goals, and the steadfastness needed to build new structures. But at the heart of it, the goal climbs to the top of the mountain to have the greater vantage point offered by higher levels of consciousness.

This is the real desire being expressed by Capricorn, to ascend in consciousness. And when we raise that consciousness, one of the natural artifacts of that is to be able to transcend polarization. We all must all learn to live in our world, our view, and our truth, and at the same time allow for another truth to be fully present without having to demand that peace only comes when the other side sees things your way. That’s what war is. And this is so no matter what side of any equation you fall on. This is absolutely the most difficult thing to do in our interpersonal relationships, but it can be even more challenging to do when you are considering the reflection of the entire world. But truly, what you are seeing and how you are seeing it is a reflection of you; every bit of it. Libra invented this, and today’s Full Moon celebrates this at every level, so it is a moment to celebrate all the ways your life is reflecting your consciousness at this time.

This is asking a lot of us right now. There is a tremendous wild card energy in this lunation courtesy of Mars and Saturn are Conjunct in Aquarius, and both of them in a Square with Uranus. Mars and Saturn Conjunct demands that we take the higher road, and that lessons are woven into every step we take. The Square to Uranus will either knock you on your ass, or lift you up to a higher level, depending on how consciously you are operating. Aries invented anger and Libra invented forgiveness, so this lunar cycle is designed to bring up some rage, but also carry us toward the forgiveness necessary to return to love. Forgiveness, in fact, is key to the successful resolve of the conflicts generated by this Square, for there are sure to be plenty as a result of this geometry. Libra invented forgiveness, so we are right on time.

There is a lot to forgive right now, and this is the perfect lunation for that. This is where working with the mirror consciousness becomes a tool. In the geometry of the moment, the open-hearted beauty of the Libra mansion will be harder to feel than typical because there is a tremendous amount of thinking, and overthinking in the atmosphere. Use that mental friction. When you are not happy with something you see, you will see the shift you desire by making the adjustment within yourself. The process we are in is an ascension, and there is something truly beautiful being created. But to sustain it, there is work to be done.