The Full Moon in Libra hits this morning at 10:47am PDT. Libra is the mansion where we first understand that we live in a mirrored consciousness. Everything is a reflection of you, and when you truly understand that what you see outside of you has its origination within your consciousness, then we can really cook with gas when it comes to making changes to our outside world. And of course, that begins within. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, but it is in Libra that she focuses on relationships. Whatever is rising up for you right now in terms of wounds being dismantled and released, it is likely to be playing out in your relationships.

This lunar cycle has indeed proven to be a remarkable opportunity for deep healing. And of course, when we heal a wound, we must trigger it first, or allow it to be triggered, so that the work of releasing old wounds of shame can be accomplished. The New Moon had both Venus and Neptune in Conjunction, so we are being led this lunar cycle by love, both personal love in our hearts (Venus), and the love of the Divine (Neptune). Now two weeks have passed, and Venus and the Sun have traveled together through the last degrees of Pisces and into Aries. They came together on Friday, and now both of them meet up with Chiron, the Great Healer, all exactly at 8-degrees of Aries. Conscious awareness, heart, and healing all in one place.

All Full Moons are moments of release, where we can let go of things that are no longer serving us. When we want change to occur, especially if that shift or change may seem revolutionary, you need the energy of Uranus. The Great Awakener can bring the miracle, and of course, the unexpected wild card energy. Uranus is in Taurus, and also at the key point of 8-degrees. Libra to Taurus is the 150-degree Inconjunct, or Great Eliminator angle. This is a tremendous opportunity to release things that perhaps have been weighing you down for a lifetime. And because Uranus brings the unexpected, there may be lots of surprises in store for you during this lunar cycle, so understand that with Uranus in the house, anything can happen and probably will. Therefore, the more consciously you can focus on what it is you are working to release, the more you can direct his energy to assist with the process you are in, and whatever it is you are attempting to free yourself of.

Mars and the North Node of the Moon are also in Conjunction during this Full Moon. This puts the consciousness of our walk through life (Mars) in touch with the collective point that represents the future that we are moving into with each passing moment (North Node). There is literal movement available during this lunar cycle to shift how you are embodying your consciousness, and propel yourself forward toward your ambitions, goals, and the desires you have for your life. There is a Trine between the Moon in Libra and this powerful forward-moving sense of momentum, which indicates that the healing we are engaged in right now will allow us to move forward more freely, unburdened by some of the shame we might still be carrying around.

Across the way, creating a Grand Trine with the Moon, is Saturn in Aquarius, who puts the demand of the Great Teacher into the mix. Can you love yourself fully, and include in that all the elements of your self which cause you to feel shame? Saturn tells us that that is the purpose of this opportunity, and his placement in this pattern of planets in the sky demands the hard work of self-investigation. None of us are getting out of this lunar cycle without facing ourselves in the mirror without flinching. Remember that all of our relationships out in the world start with the one we have when we look in the mirror. This is a moment to get naked and look unabashedly at who you are, and with all the love of the Divine (remember the New Moon), accept yourself fully, warts and all. When the relationship with Self is in order, the rest of your relationships will reflect all the love in your heart.

If you look at this pattern made by the Sun and Moon in Opposition, and Mars/North Node on one side and Saturn on the other, the shape is called a Kite. It is called that because it looks like a kite, and what to kites do, but fly! The work of this lunar cycle is mighty, and probably more than a bit painful. I am seeing this everywhere including in my own life. Do not shrink back from what is coming up right now, it is coming up to be healed, and the benefits can be astonishing and perhaps even a little surprising. The world has so much divide and hatred rising up, and that collective experience emerges up out of individuals. This is why it has never been more important to heal the inner wounds, so that the reflection of consciousness in the outer world can rise up to a higher level of love. This is how we create peace for humanity, one healed heart at a time.