The Pisces Moon Opposes the Sun in Virgo at 6:35pm PDT, and we move through the most healing Full Moon of the year. The Virgo mansion invented the body. Aries connects with the body because it is the archetype that got us here in the first place, as Aries dives into the Void first. Ruled by Mars, the planet that represents the physical body, directly associates Aries with the body. Even Taurus is about embodiment, as it introduces us to the fundamental pleasures of being in a body. But it is the brilliance of Virgo, with its connection to details, process, integration, and all the ways we need systems to meet life head on, that created the very body that is your Merkabah vehicle through this journey of knowing that we are all a piece of existence itself. In the Pisces Full Moon, we are releasing anything and everything from the unconscious that inhibits our ability to fully embody our lives as if we were the Universe itself looking back at itself, seeking to know itself.

We are all children of the Divine. Pisces Virgo is the spirit/flesh continuum, where we understand exactly what I am describing. In a way, the release we focus on can be attended to with general language like this: I am now ready to release anything known and unknown, consciousness and unconscious, that inhibits my ability to fully express the life I am creating for myself. Neptune is in charge of this Full Moon because the Great Spirit rules Pisces (and the unconscious), so our spiritual bodies are leading the charge, but it is Saturn that is driving the entire proceedings of this lunar cycle as he is just 3-degrees away from the Moon at the peak of the lunation. Saturn brings the demand to learn and grow, and in Pisces, he too is working directly with the unconscious. We must trust the process and sometimes without direct evidence of what we’re working on, because we are working halfway in the invisible realms with all of this Piscean energy right now.

Virgo is a sign that has a double rulership: Mercury and Chiron. Today’s Full Moon features strong participation by both. It is just elegant that what for me is the single most important triple transit that Mercury is making in his retrograde cycle is exact during this Full Moon, an Inconjunct between he and Chiron, the Great healer. This Great Eliminator angle between our mind, thoughts, and perceptions (Mercury) and the body that holds our healing process in its wake (Chiron) is helping us release perceptions that come from our wounds, so we might have a clearer vision of our lives. This transit first hit on August 16th, so glance back to the middle of the month for some clues as to what in your life may be showing you some exit strategy from a perception you have of your life that is outdated. We will pass this way again with Mercury and Chiron at the very end of September, so there may be ways we will be working to release this material into the next lunar cycle.

Venus is in on the act too, as she is in her retrograde posture and stationed at 12-degrees of Leo. She will not move from this spot for about 10 days, though she goes direct in 4 days. As such, she is in what we call the storm cycle, where she is standing still, backward facing, and just keeping the door to the unconscious wide open. Because we are the tail end of her retro movement, we have uncovered all sorts of emotional patterns around love and intimacy that no longer serve us. While we still have more to go with her wrap-up, this Full Moon is quite literally designed to help us release old ways we understood the giving and receiving of love that came from wounded spaces. Both mind (Mercury Rx) and heart (Venus Rx) are participating directly in this Full Moon, it’s the complete package release.

Back to the original idea, that we are in a profoundly healing lunar cycle. We are still in processes that will delay the clarity we crave, and we may receive lots of powerful information in the last weeks of the double retrograde we are in. If ever there was a lunation where you do not need to know what you are releasing it is this one. Remember the prayer in the first paragraph, I will repeat it here. I am now ready to release anything known and unknown, consciousness and unconscious, that inhibits my ability to fully express the life I am creating for myself. Your conscious thinking mind does not need to have clarity when we’re working with the unconscious so directly, and I find general language like this to be extremely powerful. Your higher self knows what your pedestrian self is working on, and all healing happens at the level of the unconscious, trust that, and have at it!