The Full Moon in Pisces hits tonight at 10:22pm PDT, so this falls into calendar Wednesday for some of you (late afternoon down under). The Pisces/Virgo polarity is where we understand the spirit/flesh continuum. While Virgo invented the body, it is the undifferentiated energy of Spirit that inhabits it, which is a purely Piscean notion.
Full Moons are all about expressing gratitude for what we have already created, and the opportunity to release material that inhibits us from living our best lives. When we are moving through the Virgo mansion, the emphasis of our consciousness turns toward healing, process, and integration. In a year like this, where there is so much deconstruction going on, it is in this mansion we begin to see how to put things back together again.

In the Pisces Full Moon, we understand that it is through our connection to Source that we accomplish this process of healing our all too human hearts. There may be a lot to let go of in this Full Moon, and the feels have been building for a few days now. The heart as we understand it through the lens of astrology is represented by Venus. Venus is in Cancer right now, and so our emotional bodies are vulnerable, open, and easily connected to our tender insides. She creates an exact Opposition to Saturn with this Full Moon, so there is a karmic demand that we allow our deeper feelings to rise up, so that the Virgo archetype can lead us through what may be a painful healing experience.

But the story really starts about a week ago with Venus Opposing Jupiter, where the vulnerability of Venus in Cancer was pitted against the capacity for Jupiter to make everything bigger, and more over the top. Then just two days ago, Venus Opposed Pluto, and that opened our emotional body up to reveal shadow elements from the underlying currents of emotional wounds that can only be experienced when our hearts are blown wide open like they are right now. That dip into darker territory over the past few days was not in vain, and there may be some insight and awareness of deeper pain and suffering of the kind we hide from ourselves in the shadow.

In one of those, “you can’t make this shit up” moments, I love the elegance of Venus hitting each of these players in Capricorn one by one over the past week, finishing up with a sit down with the Great Teacher today. Jupiter said, “let your heart burst with feeling.” Pluto then tells us, “Go as deep into the terrifying emotional places as you will allow yourself to go.” Then comes the Full Moon release, with Venus in exact Opposition to Saturn, who reminds us of our karmic demand to do the hard work of consciousness unfolding. Venus in Cancer simply opens our emotional flow; it is the presence of Saturn in this mix that makes this moment count on a deep and karmic level.

Shadow work can be distilled to the notion that if something in your outside world is triggering you, there is some unconscious territory inside of you being stirred up. No matter what that outside trigger is (yes, even a pandemic riddled crazy tumultuous world), if you are bothered by what you see, there is something inside you that is attached to some wound in your unconscious. Mercury is involved in this Full Moon, and Virgo is his favorite mansion. He will Trine Pluto today, so our mental process is no stranger to the lower depths. It is a boon that Venus is Opposing Pluto and Saturn, which allows us to feel into the shadow. Then Mercury uses his precision in Virgo to peer into Pluto’s depths to help us see, know, identify, and understand what shadow elements of self we are working with, as we seek to release the next level of wound that is ready to be transmuted.

There is something about this particular Full Moon that makes it my personal favorite of the year. Especially this year. A spiritual path is designed to wake you up to your oneness with Source. Every intrigue, conspiracy, and anything that causes you grapple with the illusion of this world, pulls you out of this important paradox. We are finite, physical bodies, animated by an infinite energy that goes beyond our human ability to understand. Ever. It is a complete mystery; and while there are those who can perceive outside the bounds of that mystery and offer some assistance along the way, the bottom line is that being in a body also means the terrifying sense of not really knowing where/what/why we are. All suffering comes from this illusion that we are separate from God. The surrender that can turn this terror into bliss and grace is completely contained in the Pisces/Virgo polarity. This is the perfect moment to remember that there is no sorrow, no suffering, and no challenge in this physical world, that Spirit cannot heal.