The Full Moon in Pisces hit overnight at 2:58am PDT. Virgo/Pisces is all about spirit and flesh, which starts with the notion that we have these bodies built by the Virgo archetype. Those bodies are animated by Spirit, and that’s where Pisces comes in. This mutable water sign is where we understand unity and oneness, that existence itself is this singular thing that we are all expressions of. The collective consciousness is a gift of the Pisces mansion, and of course our personal unconscious is also a Piscean concept. Pisces is the compassionate and loving energy that connects us all, and in the Pisces Full Moon, we are releasing anything that keeps us from having a more direct connection with the Divine within us.

This Full Moon is Conjunct Neptune, the ruling planet of the Pisces mansion we call the Great Spirit, so the energy of these few days is very dreamy and could be quite yummy. Dreams may be vibrant and important, so pay attention to your night school experiences. Through Pisces – and Neptune – we understand the principle of moving in a flow state. In this Full Moon, focus on releasing anything that keeps you stuck in overmanaging the details of your life, or leaning into trusting the timing of things that are ultimately out of your control. Virgo helps us keep all our moving parts held together and working efficiently, but unless we allow the universe to guide our journey, we suffer. Pisces is where we learn to surrender to being carried by a force greater than yourself.

It is ironic that in a Full Moon about flow, Mercury is retrograde, and Mars is in his retrograde shadow. Both of these cycles interrupt flow, and set us up for some inner work in the unconscious. Mercury moving backward allows us to rework mental patterns and how we are perceiving our lives. Mercury is in Libra, helping us create powerful reflections of ourselves through our relationships, but he has announced that he needs to go back into the Virgo mansion (where he is exalted) in order to align our thinking with higher consciousness. Mars will retrograde in the other sign ruled by Mercury (Gemini), and so the next seven months will have us in a process of getting our walk and our walk into better congruency. But with two of the personal planets in a retrograde cycle, the dreamy, yummy flow of this lunation has a lot of clunky friction that is setting up very contradictory sensations to the softness of what Pisces energy tends to bring.

All Full Moons are designed to help us let things go that no longer serve us. But there are a few additional release mechanisms associated with this particular Full Moon. If you have been following me for any appreciable time, you will know my great love for the Inconjunct, the 150-degree minor angle in astrology that allows for small changes, bit by bit, leading us to new territory because we are wiling to grow, and change our perspective along the way. The Sun and Chiron are holding this geometry, helping us be more consciously aware of the wounds that need our attention. Venus and Jupiter are doing this too, so love and abundance are also showing us the fork in the road we need to consider in order to attract more of our heart’s desire. Between these fork in the road transits, and Mercury and Mars in retrograde cycles, the flow is available to us, but leaning into it will take some trust, and faith in things unseen, which is what Pisces is all about.

If being in flow is what makes for a more graceful life, we must start with the notion that flow already is. We do not need to create or generate it, we have simply to drop ourselves into it, like a field of energy that we are suspended above, but want to sink down into, by allowing life to take us where it wants to. What keeps us out of this beautiful flow is a) the overthinking mind, and b) an alignment with decision making that is not in congruence with what we believe is possible. In this equation, a is Mercury and b is Mars. Both of these planets are in clunky processes right now. In fact, just ten days after Mercury finishes his entire retrograde cycle, Mars will turn around to start his backward journey.

The next few months are going to be a little bumpy because of this. Getting our walk and our talk into gear is what these cycles are all about. But remember, this alignment we seek is being generated by retrogrades. That means the process will likely be awkward, as retrogrades of the personal planets always are. Things desired may take some time. This is where the importance of this particular Full Moon comes in. This is the moment to release and let go of any masculine, intellectual ideas you have about how life works, and drop into a more feminine approach of faith and trust. Here’s a prayer for you: At this moment, I release all ideas I have about my life, known and unknown, conscious and unconscious, that inhibit my ability to drop into a flow state and align my thinking and decision making with my direct connection to the Divine. Have at it.