Welcome to the most healing Full Moon of 2021. We are in the Virgo mansion, the earth sign that created our bodies in the first place. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so precise communication is a lot of what this mansion is all about. But Virgo is also ruled by Chiron, the Great Healer, and this is what captures my attention every year when we move through this territory. Masterful living is directly connected to one’s willingness to heal old wounds and move through the world free of what used to trouble you, and Virgo is a master at this process. The Pisces/Virgo continuum is also the polarity of spirit/flesh, where Virgo invents the system that is capable of handling all of this energy in the form of the body. Pisces is the energy of Source itself, that animates us all into life, and connects in a powerful collective.

As we heal our own personal wounds that inhibit our sense of personal integration and wholeness, we are more able to allow our direct connection to Spirit be the focal point of all that we choose and do. There is something almost literal about this in today’s Full Moon, as Mars, the planet of the body itself is Conjunct the Virgo Sun, and Neptune the planet of our spiritual connection is Conjunct the Moon. The Moon Conjunct Neptune is about as wide open a spiritual connection as we can possibly experience, and Mars hanging out toward the Sun will allow our expanding conscious awareness at this moment to be funneled directly into how we are walking our walk.

The real juice in the healing department is amplified by virtue of what Venus in Scorpio has to offer us at this time. In this sign that invented death and rebirth, our intimacy experience goes to a much deeper level, but this placement also allows us to surrender to change much more willingly. Chiron and Venus are in an exact Inconjunct today, that 150-degree angle that indicates a fork in the road, where something is healed enough to be released, allowing more love to flow in your heart. Venus is also in Opposition to Uranus, the Great Awakener whose presence always means that unexpected, destabilizing, and potentially surprising events might be around every corner. While this can mean some sudden reversals and pivots that you may find disconcerting, trust that anything that gets taken away from you right now is occurring for your highest good, and ultimate healing.

Some material that is triggered at this time may take a few weeks to play out. Mercury is very active during this Full Moon, but is turning around to move backward at the end of this week. Things brewing now may continue to rumble in our unconscious (retrogrades are like visits to the unconscious) through most of October and early November. In Libra, our thinking/communication is focused on your relationship experience; both romantic and otherwise. Mercury is Trining Jupiter right now, but also Squaring Pluto. What a combination. Mercury in harmony with Jupiter is about as expansive and confident as you can get, and allows easy access to thoughts of deserving and abundance, which is key to manifestation. You must believe in what you desire, and feel you deserve it, or how can you create something powerful?

But the planet of the Mind is also in a fight with the Shadow courtesy of the Square to Pluto. This transit opens us up to conflicts that are typically hidden and below the surface, and in some cases, will force a confrontation with juicy material that is hiding in your unconscious, just waiting to be explored. Put these two together, and we are getting to see both what is possible in terms of great abundance, but also the conflicts in our shadow that will need some attention before we can fully feel deserving of all we wish to create right now. All Full Moons are moments of great potential transformation, but this one has more power to allow for very deep wounds to lose their traction. Mercury ensures that some of what we untangle in this Full Moon will be with us for another four to six weeks at least, so in the coming weeks, more will be revealed.

If we do intentional rituals at the New Moon, we do affirmative rituals in the Full Moon, the moment of culminating. Make sure that you take plenty of time today to celebrate the victories, and all thew ways you move through your life supported by your spiritual connection. Pisces is the sign where forgiveness and compassion are easiest to tap into, because this is the sign where we are all connected. When I am offering prayer before a session, a meal, or anything really, I always wrap up in the same way, with language something like this: “The blessing, the healing, the benefit that we are already receiving, we share with everyone we come in contact with, for truly, we are one with all.” Let this be your guiding mantra as you move through this profoundly healing Full Moon.