The Full Moon in Sagittarius hits in the wee hours today, at 4:51am PDT. Gemini Sun means we are in the realm of ideas, thoughts, and communication. But more specifically, this is the mansion where we formulate how we perceive our environment, and everything we encounter starts and ends with this. The thoughts we are having shape everything about our experience. All thought creates form in some way, and feelings are a form. How life feels to us is driven first, by our thinking. Change your mind, change your life is the adage. In the Sagittarius Full Moon, the biggest shift comes from releasing old thought paradigms in favor of higher truths, to help guide our movement forward, and raise our perceptions of the world to a higher level.

This is a profound healing moment, and I want to point out that all three of the personal planets are in their ruling signs. Mercury has just retuned to Gemini, so minds are in the best alignment that is possible at this time. Venus in Taurus grounds our hearts in love, and Mars in his home turf of Aries puts us in a place where our actions and decision making comes from a clear and decisive place. And all of them are busy and activated in this Full Moon, so we are being put through the amplified energy of the Full Moon, but also mind, body and heart are working powerfully.

Mercury is in the third act of his retrograde cycle, so we are still responding to issues that may have come into your awareness in late April. Yesterday, Mercury returned to Gemini, as this particular retrograde had the planet of communication returning to Taurus, helping us ground our voice in our hearts. Now that he is back in Gemini, communication crackles again, our minds will operate more organically, and we will benefit from that in the weeks to come. But hopefully we are in a place of better receptivity, as Mercury in Taurus reminded us to come from love (Taurus is ruled by Venus), and the mind in a loving posture is more concerned with listening than with talking.

Venus is Conjunct both Uranus and the North Node during this Full Moon. Venus/Uranus is like a flash of lightning in your heart, and matters of love, intimacy, and finances are experiencing sudden shifts, upgrades, reversals, and pivots. Relationships have been ending and starting up with shocking suddenness, and my DMs and emails have borne this out, as has my own personal experience. Because Venus went retrograde at the beginning of the year and spent an unprecedented two weeks with Pluto, the Great Transformer, everything she does for the next two years has more power to radically change our experience of giving and receiving love. Once Venus came into proximity with Uranus about a week ago, the potential for completely unexpected changes began in earnest, and this entire month could bring very destabilizing shifts in all relationships, not just the romantic ones.

The Conjunction between Venus and the North Node indicates that any sudden changes that do come along right now have great purpose regarding our dharma and destiny. Do your best to remember this, especially if this lunar cycle is taking something away from you that you have held dear. And if there is something that feels risky to change, to declare, or to initiate that has you feeling fearful, this is the moment to take that risk, tell that truth, and allow your life to transform because you are standing more powerfully in knowing what you desire, and are willing to step out of you comfort zone to create it.

I am saving Mars for last, because this is where the profound healing potential of this Full Moon can be found. There is a very powerful Conjunction between Mars and Chiron, a coming together of our actions and decision making (Mars), and our capacity to heal (Chiron). Mars is how we behave, and when we come from wound, our choices reflect that wounded consciousness. Mars connecting with Chiron allows us to take whatever healing we have been through of late, and help us ground that into us such that we can begin engaging in new behaviors that come from a place of healed consciousness. Mars is at home in Aries, and Chiron feels his fire, and when they gather during this Full Moon, it can have the effect of a psychic surgery, where the Full Moon opens us up, and then the fires generated by Mars and Chiron can offer a purification, leading to new behaviors in the weeks and months ahead.

Jupiter has rulership over this lunation, and every Sag Full Moon is always about abundance, prosperity, and expansion into all of the bounty that life has to offer. Two things that bear mentioning is that the Full Moon is in a Square to Neptune, which could generate some free-floating insecurity, lack of clarity and focus, and blurred boundaries as we move through these few days. Saturn, on the other hand, is dialing into this Full Moon in a very positive way, so that even with a bit of a fog machine being turned on by Neptune, the Great Teacher is holding our hand through this moment of deep release. As ever, when in doubt, lean into a prayer that goes something like I am now releasing everything that inhibits my expansion into more abundance, known and unknown, conscious and unconscious. Then let the solar system do the rest.