Welcome to the Full Moon in Sagittarius. At 8:41pm PDT, the Moon will Oppose the Sun, Gemini to Sagittarius, and we celebrate the higher truths that we seek to guide our journey. When the Sun is in Gemini, we are in the land of ideas, perception, communication, and connection. But down in the territory where the shadow artifact of Gemini expresses itself, we have too much thinking, an overreliance on intellect, scattered thoughts, monkey-mind, and anxiety, and this is where the release portion of this Full Moon comes into play. We clear out the scattered thinking of our lower thoughts, and reach toward ideals and higher perspectives to guide us. Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign that is ruled by Jupiter, and so we are in the mindset of expansion, abundance, and prosperity in this Full Moon, and what Jupiter is doing in the background of this Full Moon is powerful, and truly celebrates all possibility, as Jupiter in Taurus is finally ready to start delivering on the promise of having the planet known as the Great Expander, in the Venus-ruled sign of Taurus, where we first connected to the joy and pleasure of being in a body.

Jupiter moved into Taurus back on May 16th. Jupiter loves it in Taurus, as there is a natural affinity in both planet and sign for all the delights that life has to offer. After Aries jumps out of the Void of Pisces and into the world of form, it is in the next sign that we declare what the world of form is, and Taurus tells us that life in a body on planet Earth offers Abundance as our birthright. When Jupiter passes through Taurus, we can increase all the bounty and more easily manifest our desires, but this time around, the moment Jupiter entered Taurus, he bumped into power struggles with a Square to Pluto, and all sorts of conflicts and breakdowns when Mars moved into Leo, another of the Fixed signs. All that 90-degree geometry, the angle of conflicts and obstacles over the last two weeks, truly harshed the buzz of Jupiter changing signs.

But all of that changed in just the last few days. Mars moved on, Jupiter pulled forward far enough to Conjunct the North Node of the Moon, which was exact this past Thursday. The North Node is like our north start, the point that holds the future out in front of us, and we move toward it. We are all feeling some level of hope and sense of possibility now, I know that I have been feeling it these last two days, though it is a subtle energy: it’s in there. And our hearts are wide open to tap into this hopeful sense of possibility with a beautiful Trine between Venus in Cancer with Neptune in Pisces. Venus is love in the heart, and Neptune is love of the Divine. And in water signs, the depth of the feminine energy of healing is just epic, and we are well guided right now primarily through the emotional body. Sun in Gemini is about as intellectually oriented as you can get, and Sag is also about mental stimulation. Venus in Cancer tells us to allow for vulnerability, and Neptune in Pisces tells us we are always held by the arms of Love.

We release things and let stuff go in every Full Moon, and Mars is holding the Great Eliminator angle with Saturn. This transit takes this idea of changing the track you are on to an extreme. Mars tells us what to do next, but the wisest part of us, our inner Saturn, knows that we have to let some old ideas go right now to get to where we want to go. Ultimately, this is a fork-in-the-road transit, so there may be a need for some extra surrender, and a real willingness to change your mind about how to accomplish what you desire. If something goes away this lunar cycle that you preferred wouldn’t, do your best to trust the horizon, and what is coming toward you. There is lots of intuitive potential in this Full Moon, but know that in order to really tap into the sense of flow that is available, you are going to have to quiet the mind. Gemini rules the lungs, and your go-to tool in this lunation is breath work. Quiet your mind, put a hand on your heart and ask yourself what you most desire, and what might need to be released in order to have that desire made manifest. And then let the solar system do the rest.