The truly beautiful Full Moon in Sagittarius hits this morning in the early morning, at 6:52am PDT. When the Sun is in Gemini, we are in the land of ideas, perception, communication, and connection. But down in the territory where the shadow artifact of Gemini expresses itself, we have too much thinking, an overreliance on intellect, scattered thoughts, monkey-mind, and anxiety, and this is where the release portion of this Full Moon comes into play. We clear out the scattered thinking of our lower thoughts, and reach toward ideals and higher perspectives to guide us.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so we are in the mindset of expansion, abundance, and prosperity in this Full Moon. What Jupiter is doing in the background of this Full Moon is truly powerful, as he is connecting in exact Conjunction with Venus today, at the 30th, mastery degree of Taurus, the Venus-ruled sign of love and prosperity. These two planets are called the “benefics” because they reflect beautiful qualities like love and abundance. This is a powerful, but ultimately beautiful Full Moon that will help us release lower vibe perceptions in order to allow more – a lot more – love and abundance into our lives.

Venus is our hearts, and Jupiter promises all the expansion, growth, abundance, and prosperity life in a body has to offer. I like to call Taurus the cash and prizes mansion, as this Venus-ruled sign is where we directly understand abundance is something tangible in the world of form. The final degree of any sign is called the anaretic degree, and it contains all the wisdom of the first 29 degrees of the sign in question. It is this aspect of the lunation that holds the promise of all that we could desire and hope for, and the Full Moon offers the moment of deep release that can help us make space for more, and even more than that.

Full Moons are always about deep release, and transformative change. Thankfully, the planet that invented death and rebirth is participating directly. Pluto is in an exact Trine with the Sun, opening our conscious awareness to the Underworld, allowing for an easy experience of release, change, and transformation. The Sextile from the Moon to Pluto means we may have to put some effort into this, as the 60-degree angle is potential only. If you need something to be released in order for you to attract something magnificent, this Full Moon has the power to do that. Put a little attention on what you are willingly allowing to leave your experience, and watch this lunar cycle change things dramatically.

Part of this power to change is coming from Spirit, and how we co-create with the Universe. Venus and Jupiter are in an exact Sextile with Neptune in this full Moon. This is like a wish upon a star setup. Venus and Jupiter can hold the notion of what we desire the potential for that desire to be made manifest into form. Neptune brings the expansive capacity of Spirit that allows all creative potential to be released in the direction of those desires.

Remember the potential that the 60-degree angle offers: Dial into your spiritual practice, and make sure you are starting your Full Moon ritual with what you are grateful for. I focus so much on release in my writing, because that’s how I use astrology on a personal level. But don’t forget, you can’t create anything new and abundant unless you are feeling grateful for what you already have. Put some attention on that during this Full Moon, and allow the universe to increase your blessings exponentially.

I will end with the loose gathering of Mars, Chiron, and the North Node of the Moon in Aries. Our healing journey has allowed all of this possibility to be receivable at the personal level. Our wounded consciousness, and any undeserving nature that is still in there under the surface of your conscious awareness, has been cleared away as much as possible by virtue of a wild eclipse/Merc Rx in Aries over the last two lunar cycles that had Chiron in direct participation. We still have that cardinal fire energy guiding us forward, and any shifts, changes, or transformations we make along the way, are directly dialed into our forward movement, and where we want to go next.

Remember that consciousness is a game of perception. What you focus on increases, and what you turn away from will fall away. Gemini invented that, and so in Gemini season, we align with the fundamental truth that the world you see is a direct reflection of how you are perceiving it at the personal level. Sagittarius tells us there is always a higher perception to work with. Jupiter rules this lunation, so we truly have the opportunity to swap out old, outdated patterns of communication, perception and interaction, and rise up to a higher level of consciousness itself, and allow the blessings to flow more fully. Have at it.