The Full Moon in Scorpio hits tonight at 8:31pm PDT, so for those in Europe and Africa, this is technically part of your early Tuesday morning, and mid-afternoon Tuesday for those of you down under. The Moon will move into Scorpio at 9:18am PDT this morning after a 4-1/2 hour Void Moon in Libra. Once we cross the threshold into the Scorpio Moon, the building energy – and there has been a lot of pent-up energy from this past week – will intensify. Our emotional responses will heighten, and we will find ourselves in that powerful and profound energy that every Full Moon brings that has the capacity to transform our inner experience.

Ruled by Pluto, this Full Moon is about death and rebirth itself. Its capacity to help us heal, transform, and drop old, wounded consciousness by the side of the road is total and utter. We are in the Taurus mansion, and so our conscious awareness is dedicated to the understanding of form. This is the mansion of comfort and groundedness, but also where we discover our personal values, and a sense of how you wish your life to reward you. In the opposing polarity of Scorpio, we learn about collaboration. Personal power becomes shared power, and while Taurus always brings us closer to what we want, it is in Scorpio that we understand that we may need to radically change and transform in order to manifest those desires into form.

The power of this moment is driven by a number of factors, but one of them is certainly the fact that so many planets are in Taurus along with the Sun. It is the Conjunction between Mercury and Venus that will allow us to move through these days with a strong alignment between how we are thinking, and what our emotional intelligence has to offer. Mind and heart are in easy congruency when Mercury and Venus are traveling together. But it is the close involvement of Uranus in Taurus that will bring the lightning flash that he is known for. The last Full Moon had Uranus directly participating as well in the Great Eliminator angle, so if you feel yourself in some transformative process of healing and letting things go from deep in your unconscious, that process continues now, only with more intensity and demand. Uranus Conjunct the Sun can bring sudden and remarkable insights, awareness, pivots, and reversals, and this Full Moon has this electricity built directly into it.

That demand part comes from the participation of Saturn. Remember the big transit of the year that is providing all of the instability of change that continues to pepper our experience, is Saturn in a Square with Uranus. We are in a revolution of sorts, and the guiding players are the Great Teacher, and the Great Awakener, in the conflict and obstacle geometry of the 90-degree Square. Squares represent the unstable steppingstones we must use to cross over the rushing stream of consciousness. We will get to where we want to go, but imagine that each of those stones we must make contact with are unevenly spaced, covered with moss, and slick with rushing water. We will indeed get through each lesson, but it may be a challenging process, and Saturn means business. His presence indicates a moment that no one is escaping what we must learn at this level of our development.

If there is something you must face that perhaps you have been avoiding or shrinking back from, there is no wiggle room to face your challenges with half measures. Part of the difficulty of is that Uranus speeds things up, while Saturn slows things down. At the same time. Both of these powerhouse planets active in this Full Moon truly amplifies what is possible, and the Scorpio archetype is all about allowing for the death that is required when a rebirth is desired. Even amidst the chaotic sensations of this past week, Saturn has slowed things down enough to focus on the task at hand, which is to allow for parts of yourself to transform. But make no mistake about it, some of you are moving through some hefty lessons, and Saturn may have you feeling like you are hitting your head against a brick wall. Try not to get distracted by your thoughts and judgments about what you are going through, and trust that something deeper is happening.

This is not a Full Moon for the feint of heart. Scorpio is the mansion where we surrender to the constant relationship we must all cultivate with death. We practice our deaths with every healing we move through, for as one aspect of Self is born, a previous version of us must be allowed to die. Since the fear of death is quite powerfully knitted into our psyche, that fear is also expressed as fear of change. Be careful of any habits and patterns you are holding onto, for they may just be snatched out from under you in order to facilitate the growth that is possible right now.

Scorpio is a water sign, and so if you ritualize your Full Moon celebrations, be sure to include a watery element to your process. And remember the connection between Scorpio and death, and the organic fears we all have to the complete surrender that this moment is requiring of us. Ruminate on all the ways you are ready to drop old limitations, and then hold the funeral for the old version of your Self that you are allowing to die. And then trust that the rebirth will follow.