At 3:45am PDT this morning, we moved through the 17-degree Scorpio Full Moon, where we surrender to death, and the rebirth that results from every symbolic death we move through. All change is a subset of the ultimate change that follows us all our lives like a haunting specter, our literal death. We are born into this life, only to find out that it is temporary. There is enormous suffering in this: We are conceived in divine consciousness, ripped out of paradise, and thrust violently into a body. We get here and find the joys of being in a body are beyond ecstasy and bliss. Then as we find our way, at some point we discover the transient nature of life, and come face to face with the fact that we are going to die. And that’s when the terror begins.

We humans are pretty good at subjugating that fear, and we move through life pretending that it isn’t there. Instead, we turn to other illusions of separation, and create fear-based ways of interacting with the world that are ultimately driven by our personal trauma and unconscious fear of death. This pandemic is bringing that out in huge ways. But all fear is based on a) what we don’t know, and b) what we can’t control. Geez – turns out that that includes, well, everything. However, we can surrender to this, and allow changes to come, even when it is terrifying to do so. Scorpio is where we are fully prepared to die to self, in order that we might be reborn, and ascend to a higher level of our consciousness. The mansion we are in is all about having what we desire to be made manifest in our experience; Taurus invented this. But it is only when we bring in the polar opposite of death, change, and transformation, that we can really create magnificent lives. Surrender is key.

This lunation has a lot of background power, and the strongest of those planetary aspects is a Trine to Neptune. Neptune, the Great Spirit, has been in his ruling sign of Pisces for just about a decade now. His 14-year traversing of this mansion is helping us all deepen our spiritual connection. His participation in this Full Moon is certainly pointing out, once again, that the only thing that truly matters is your personal recognition of your oneness with God. In Pisces, there is no duality, for the unity consciousness invented by this sign truly understands that everything is connected, and that all separation is an illusion. And since this moment has release built into it, if you are in doubt as to what you are currently letting go of, consider anything that stands in the way of you knowing that you are one with the Divine.

This Full Moon is dialing directly into Venus, who has reached her station today. She doesn’t actually turn around till May 12th/13th, but she hits 21-degrees of Gemini today and will stay stock still at this point for ten days in total. When a planet does not appear to move, its power and objectivity is increased. I use the term “psychic surgery” to describe moments of release that feel energetic and powerful, but steeped in phenomena; the rational mind has no business in this territory. When I think of the transformative power of a Scorpio Full Moon in combination with Venus in a rare retrograde in Gemini, the combined power is extraordinary. This is what this Full Moon is.

The image that comes up for me is the heart on the operating table, being kept very still by Venus’s station. The Scorpio Full Moon is the surgical procedure through which we reach deep into the recesses of our hearts, and allow the black needle of purification to dip in and help us remove any obstacle to the giving and receiving of love that is available to be released at this time. Venus’s retrograde cycle just up ahead has this amount of transformative power built into it, so get ready for a pretty wild ride over the next two months in the realm of the heart, and in some ways, the transformative power of this Venus retrograde begins in earnest with this Full Moon.

Change is inevitable. Last year, when I was writing about 2020 and using language like, “chaos” and “like we’ve never seen on the planet,” I jokingly referred to Pluto and Saturn as death and taxes, respectively. Change is to growth as death is to life; you do not get one without the other. Remember that Pluto (death) rules this Full Moon, and Pluto and Jupiter are still holding court over in Capricorn, (Saturn too, though he has temporarily dipped into Aquarius for a few months). This lunation has the Sun and Mercury – so our conscious awareness and our thought mechanism – in a Trine with Pluto. We are in harmony with all that is changing, and perhaps this Full Moon will also help many to be more comfortable sitting in wildly uncomfortable feelings, for that is how real change takes place. Lean in, allow anything that wants to fall away from you die its natural death. And while we still have much more to go through in this life altering year, I know in my heart that we will rise again, transformed. We got this.