We are at the Full Moon of the biggest lunar cycle inside of what is the most transformative year on the planet that anyone alive has ever moved through. And, of course, this Full Moon doesn’t disappoint. Taking place at 8-degrees of Taurus, it is exact this morning at 7:49am PDT, and a tremendous release mechanism is unleashed. This lunation has the power of Uranus and his bolt of lighting dialed directly into it as the Moon and the Great Awakener are exactly Conjunct – and I mean exactly – at the moment the Full Moon hits its mark. As a result, this lunation has a greater capacity than usual to assist us all in letting go of obstacles to love that still live in our hearts.

We are moving through the Scorpio mansion, where the veil between the living and the dead, the real and the corporeal, this dimension and other dimensions, is at its thinnest. We celebrate this through the Pagan tradition of Samhain, holidays like Día de la Muertos, and of course, the Americanized version; Halloween. All of these honor this notion of our access to Spirit, and the Full Moon falling directly on this day is auspicious indeed. This Full Moon has the power to take each one of us to a profound place that is buried deep within us (Scorpio) and find ways of making manifest into form all that we desire (Taurus). If we do not know and accept death in our hearts, how can we embrace life with the ferocity it deserves? And for those with strong connections to your Ancestors, be sure to ask for their help with your healing process at this time; they are closer than ever.

Uranus is the wild card energy that brings the unexpected element designed to wake us up to more awareness, and a higher level of consciousness. Of course, all of this breakdown on the planet right now is pure Uranus in action. We need to wake up, and he comes along and supports that, but offers the mechanism for that awakening in all sorts of very challenging ways. This placement also makes this entire lunar cycle like one big wild card, and there’s no separating this Full Moon with the election cycle in the United States. Anything can happen, and probably will. This over the top moment in the solar system is being matched by events on the planet that are also over the top. When It comes to current events, be ready for absolutely anything.

But of course, if you are reading this, then you are someone who is interested in the consciousness of the moment, and what is available for us as we seek to transform, grow, and increase our self-actualization. And this is what I mean when I say this Full Moon is ultimately about love, and how each of us as individuals open our hearts to be better givers and receivers of love. Taurus of course is all about love, and that is where this starts. But Venus and Chiron are doing something very interesting at this time that we will all be the beneficiaries of, to the extent that we are ready to let some old wounds and traumas go.

Of the fascinating things about the New Moon that kicked this cycle off is that every single planet in the solar system was involved in that lunation, and with hard geometry (Squares and Oppositions). Only Chiron was left out. But he and Venus Oppose each other in this Full Moon, and so a healing is on tap for us, especially since Venus is in her ruling sign of Libra. This Opposition sets us up to have our hearts opened up for a healing experience that might be quite intense. And of course, some healings include an initial trigger of wound, and this may be the case for many of you as we move through this weekend. In a few days time, however, Venus will move far enough forward to create the Great Eliminator angle with Urnaus. This Opposition is like the initial slice of the scalpel, and the fork in the road geometry between Venus and Urnaus on November 3rd time is like the psychic surgery to remove the blockage.

Consider everything in your life that is in the throes of dying and being reborn. Could be just about everything for some of you. The collective is certainly going through this in a huge way that is undeniable every time you look at the news. As we surrender to this death-to-self, this Full Moon in Taurus reminds us of the value of that transformation, and the need to radically surrender to everything that is changing. If Taurus has a mantra, it is I Want. Scorpio understands that in order to have everything we want, we may have to transform at the level of death and rebirth in order to manifest those desires. This includes all the personal desires of your heart in your pedestrian life, but it also includes the collective desire for Peace for Humanity.