The Full Moon in Virgo hits just after midnight, at 12:07am PST. The Sun is in the Pisces mansion, where our conscious awareness is aligned with the notion that we are all connected. Pisces rules the infinite void through which all form and consciousness itself emerges. It is here where we feel directly connected to Source, and to each other. And because of that felt sense of unification with all, forgiveness and compassion are more readily understood and embodied by us when the Sun is in this mansion. In Virgo, the polar opposite of Pisces, we take all of that flowing sense of spiritual and energetic connection to Source, and funnel it directly into the body. Virgo invented the body, just so that Pisces could flood it with the animating energy that comes directly from the Divine. Spirit becomes flesh in this Full Moon, and we benefit.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and therefore, his movements are highlighted in this Full Moon through the principle of rulership. Mercury has just gone direct after a particularly deep dive into the unconscious that his recent cycle allowed. When a planet goes retrograde, it is like a visit to the unconscious, and when it is Mercury, there are things we learn about ourselves that we could not have been aware of any sooner. To have a Full Moon in Mercury’s ruling sign just after he himself went retrograde, helps us to release all that which doesn’t serve us, which we should all know a little bit more about because of the excavating process we are just coming out of.

But the opportunity goes even deeper because Virgo is also ruled by Chiron, the Great Healer. The geometrical relationship between the Virgo Full Moon and Chiron is the Great Eliminator, that 150-degree angle that allows us to leave something behind as we seek a new direction to move in. Virgo also rules the health and fitness of the literal body, and if you are working through something that is physically challenging, allow this Full Moon to bring the healing that is available for you at this time. The depth and power of what is possible to release in this Full Moon is heightened by Chiron’s participation, but there is more to the planetary backdrop to truly helps us work with the shadow as we move through this opportunity to release and heal.

The energy of the last few days has been enormous, and so the general intensity of the atmosphere is heightened. It began with a Trine from Mars to Pluto, and since Mars rules our actions and Pluto’s domain includes the shadow and all sorts of hidden fears and darker feelings, this easy geometry allows us to be more comfortable with the lower depths than we might otherwise be. Also, we are moving through a Sextile between the Sun and Uranus, so our conscious awareness is currently available for all sorts of inspiration, innovative and out of the box thinking, and insights are all over the place right now. These two transits, along with the way Chiron is helping us let go of wound, makes this Full Moon exactly the healing we need at this time.

Venus has just moved into Pisces, and she is close enough to the Sun to be considered an active participant in this Full Moon. In fact, the next two lunations coming up also have Venus playing a direct and powerful role, and so love is everywhere, if you have a disciplined enough mind to focus on that, and turn away from the distractions and fearmongering that is ready to grab your attention at every moment. This can’t be emphasized enough; what you focus on grows and intensifies, and if you do not actively and purposefully turn toward the love, then the fear will all the more easily grab you.

Venus and the Sun in Conjunction means that we are more consciously aware of how love is moving through us, and so it is easier to turn up the volume of our hearts, and allow that which is unlike love to be released as the Full Moon does its work. Yesterday’s Trine from Jupiter with the North Node means we can finally get our sense of flow back, and Jupiter’s connection to abundance can be folded directly into our journey forward, for that’s what the North Node represents. Between what Venus brings in the form of love, and the sense of abundance and expansion that Jupiter promises, the gift of this Full Moon includes dropping dead weight that will allow us to powerfully expand as this year progresses. But of course, again it all depends on what you are focusing on.

Virgo is all about this notion that what you focus on, expands and grows. Jupiter and Venus allow us to see the beauty, love, and abundance that is all around us, even in moments of great strife. But if we keep getting grabbed by all the fear, doubt, anger, frustration and sense the world is against you, you are stuck in the unforgiveness, and that which is not yet healed. Remember that all Full Moons are also about expressing gratitude for that which we have already created, so you may want to start with that as you seek to ritualize and celebrate this Full Moon. When we have a grateful heart, all else just falls into place.