The Full Moon in Virgo technically hits tomorrow at just after midnight here in the Pacific time zone where I am, so technically March 18th at 12:17am PST. It is building all day today, and so in some ways today will be more amplified energy in that general way Full Moons are more intense. In geometry – and the movement of the planets is all about geometry – there is much more power in what is called application, when two planets are building an angle. The moment that angle peaks, it immediately begins to wane. This is called separation. Today the Full Moon is applying, tomorrow, by the time all of us wake up into Friday, it will be separating. No matter how you define it, just think of the Full Moon as being something we play out over two days, today and tomorrow.

The Sun is in Pisces, where we are all Spirit. It is through the opposition of Virgo that we enter the body and have our life experience. Being in a body is a painful journey, and healing our wounds is a crucial element of being a human that is a necessary part of living a masterful life. Fortunately, Virgo is the sign that is ruled by Chiron, the Great Healer. While Virgo is primarily thought of as Mercury’s sign, and indeed that is accurate, the planetary setup in the cosmos at this moment is all about the healing. This is so by virtue of something that Venus, Mars and Chiron are doing that I will describe below. But also, because it comes at a moment when we’ve just been through so much excavation of our unconscious courtesy of the double retrogrades that just ended.

We are changed, and this Full Moon stamps that change into a newly integrated sense of Self. In the spirit of gratitude and release that we honor at every Full Moon, this is a moment to lift up and celebrate all the new ways we are operating in our lives because we took a dive into the deep healing that was possible in January and February. And this is the Full Moon where we get to fully dump at the side of the road, all the old nonsense that used to trouble us that we are finally done with. The hard work pays off in this Full Moon.

Pluto has been so active this year in our personal process. These first few months of 2022 have been deeply personal in terms of the growth, change, and transformation because of Mercury and Venus spending so much time with Pluto during each of their recent retrogrades, like a massive deconstruction, especially in our hearts. It is in this lunar cycle that we are putting things back together, and as we do, lots of the old pieces of us have to go.

We are able to be more vulnerable now, and we have deeper access to the wisdom that comes from our emotional body. When feelings are triggered by wound, we aren’t really responding to current moment stimulation, we are stuck a bit in the past. To the best of each of our current abilities to do so, Pluto has helped us dismantle so many of the old wounded patterns, and this Full Moon is perfectly designed to allow those outmoded ways to die off, and trouble us no more. Pluto in Capricorn is also creating a Grand Earth Trine with this Moon in Virgo, and the North Node in Taurus. Grand Trines are like vortexes of energy, and in earth signs, we are in the realm of manifestation into form. Things we are releasing now (Pluto) will be ground into our unconscious and therefore integrated (Moon), and our energy will be funneled directly into the future we are creating and our sense of vision (North Node). It’s a bit of a manifestation moment.

The healing I mentioned earlier is driven by Mars and Venus in Aquarius holding a Sextile with Chiron, the Great Healer. Venus and her retrograde completely reorganized how we understand love, and Mars joined her a few weeks back. The two of them have spent weeks together, with Mars helping us make new choices based on Venus’s opening us up to new level of emotional awareness. Venus is holding a Sextile with Chiron that is exact at this Full Moon, which is what puts the tremendous healing potential into this moment. Because Venus and Mars are in Aquarius, things that emerge during this time may be completely innovative and new, for this is such a powerful moment to take risks, and try a completely unique approach to anything your heart desires.

This Full Moon means business, and in the spirit of all Full Moons taking us through the experience of letting old stuff go, this one packs a huge punch. Uranus, the Great Awakener, is also Squaring Venus and Mars right now, so lots may get shaken up before the weekend is over. There could be great endings and surprising new beginnings as we move through this Full Moon, though we may need the New Moon in Aries up ahead to find out what exactly what they are. Pluto makes this entire passage deep as it goes, and Uranus puts the total wild card in the mix, where anything can happen, and probably will. You need to be extra willing to let things go, even things you feel deep desires to hold on, because when Uranus wants to take something or add something to your life, it can happen in a very destabilizing and sudden way. The astrological New Year is on Sunday with the Equinox, and when we move into the Aries mansion, things will get moving once again. Meanwhile, when in doubt, let it go.