The Full Moon has arrived and is a true two-day event. It also packs an unprescidented healing punch, and outside of the eclipses later this year, this is the most powerful Full Moon we are going to see in 2023. The lunation is exact tomorrow, but early, in the wee hours of the morning at 4:40am PST. The Sun is in Pisces, so we are directly dialed into the inner landscape, where the unconscious rules, and we enjoy a direct connection to Source. Virgo is the sign that invented the body itself, the Merkabah that carries us through life. This is the spirit/flesh polarity, where we get to celebrate the ways we already feel guided by Spirit, and through the power of healing, release any of our consciousness that interferes with living a life that is dialed into Source as primary.

I remind you that Virgo is ruled by Mercury, but co-ruled by Chiron, the Great Healer, and as a result, this is a very healing Full Moon. It starts with the way that Uranus, the Great Awakener, is dialing directly into the lunation. Uranus is holding a Trine with the Full Moon, and therefore, also a Sextile with the Sun. When Uranus is so directly dialed into a full Moon like this, there is a humongous amplification of what can happen in the realm of the sudden and unexpected, as that is what Uranus always brings. Pisces season is the time for endings, and both Saturn and Pluto are poised at the final, mastery degree of the signs they are in; another emphasis on completing the current moment before moving into the next chapter. There may be sudden changes this week, and things may end abruptly or in an unexpected manner. It is certainly also possible for new things to appear quite out of nowhere in this setup, but with all the energetic emphasis around endings, there are likely to be more exits than entrances right now.

The direct healing comes of course from Chiron, who is over in Aries getting ready to Conjunct Jupiter in just a handful of days, combining the deep healing powers of Chiron with Jupiter’s capacity to bring tremendous expansion and good fortune. Venus spent the last few days connecting with both of them, opening our hearts to a healing that is still unfolding. Because they are in the cardinal fire sign of Aries, there is a lot of impulse and movement possible as we turn our hearts toward what needs attention in our psyche. The Virgo Moon will be hitting this Aries stelium in the Great Eliminator angle. This is practically like a psychic surgery, and for some, this Full Moon will hit you precisely where the healing needs to take place. And since this angle is more associated with endings than beginnings, if there is something that you really need to excise from your life that you have been resisting, let that shit go, even if it is scary to do so.

But it is Saturn that is the biggest deal of this lunation. He is at the 30th and final degree of Aquarius when the Full Moon is exact, and less the one hour after the Moon and the Sun do their thing, the Great Teacher leaves Aquarius, and jumps into the water Pisces mansion for the next three years. When a social or outer planet changes signs, it reflects big shifts on the planet. That this ingress is so directly connected to a Full Moon is just epic. It’s almost as if Saturn is asking us to do a little preparation before he takes us through his three year stint in Pisces. This Full Moon is the transformative healing process we must all go through to prepare for the next few years of what Saturn in Pisces is going to bring us.

Pisces is vast and boundaryless, and it is where we are all connected as one collective consciousness. Saturn is all about structure and boundaries, and so much of the lessons of the next three years will be about attempting to feel grounded, while floating through very unknown and unknowable territory. I am reminded of old Sci Fi movies where people had to go through a decontamination process before being allowed into the sterile laboratory miles below the surface of the planet. We remove a layer of old wound in this Full Moon, and the journey of Saturn through Pisces will be more graceful as a result of all the gunk we clear out of our systems now.

I don’t often turn to the Sabian Symbols, but I felt the instinct to look this one up, and I’m glad I did. These are images that were channeled by a clairvoyant named Elsie Wheeler in 1925, and they were immediately embraced by the astrological community worldwide. Each degree point of the 360-degree ecliptic has its own image, and the one associated with the 17th degree of Virgo where the Full Moon is, “a volcanic eruption.” Ironically prescient when you think about a Full Moon with the direct participation of Uranus, with Saturn the Great Teacher literally diving into a new mansion at the exact moment of the lunation. The next decade or two is going to be quite something, as Pluto is also perched at the last degree of Capricorn, and will enter Aquarius in two weeks, ushering in two years of radical – and potentially unstable – change on the planet as Pluto goes back and forth between Capricorn and Aquarius three times. The old world is being destroyed in this lunation that comes like a volcanic eruption. Our job is to allow the changes, and trust your life to be taking you exactly where you need to go.

Now a word to the fear that may have come up as you read this post. Pisces invented our sense of faith, and trust that the flow of our lives comes from something much greater than ourselves. Fears are a Saturn invention, and are meant to be face, healed, and released. Part of what the next few years are going to bring us all are lessons in how to navigate uncertain times, and maintain a connection to Source that allows us to move with grace, less held back by our fears of an unknown future. I believe in the Peace for Humanity that the Age of Aquarius promises. I also acknowledge this huge extinction grab the patriarchy is engaged in at this time, and it can look like we’re doomed. We can not fix the mess we are in without blowing it all up a bit, and that’s part of what’s happening. We each have a role to play, and in true woo-woo language, it’s why we came. Virgo is the sign that invented being of service, and if you have any doubt as to how to navigate this crazy world and all the insane changes that are coming, focus on finding the best way for you to be of service to others, and then do that for the rest of your journey. Have at it!