At about 3:00am PST on March 8th, the Moon changes signs, which puts us officially in the Virgo Full Moon. The actual peak of this lunation is on the 9th at 9:48am PST, but it begins in earnest today. We are in for a big psychic release, as well as a beautiful flowering of love in its many forms, as the backdrop participation in this Full Moon is just lovely. Virgo is a powerfully feminine sign, connected to health, the body itself and all its miraculous functioning, the drive to serve others, and the ongoing process of breakdown, breakthrough, and integration that a life driven by conscious expansion demands.

Mercury turning around to go direct tomorrow is probably the most significant sidebar to this Full Moon. Especially when it comes to a Full Moon’s capacity to help us release material that is holding us back. Most of that “material” is unconscious, which is why growth and expansion can take so long and involve so much effort. Pisces invented the unconscious, and having our conscious narrator – Mercury – moving backward through this territory for the past 21 days has likely uncovered lots of previously unconscious material that we will now be able to let go of.

The two powerful backdrop transits that accompany this Full Moon will be very much part of today, and build into a crescendo tomorrow morning when the Moon and the Sun hit the peak of their dance with each other. The Sun itself will Conjunct Neptune, which makes this Pisces Full Moon about as Piscean as is conceivable, because Neptune is the ruler of this last of the water signs. Neptune has the moniker of The Great Spirit, and when the Sun and Neptune get together once a year, we have a moment where life itself can feel like a masterpiece that we are co-creating with the Divine.

Neptune brings us in contact with Spirit, but that can be confusing or obfuscating for us, and the power of the Sun’s rays mitigates that challenge. The Sun’s light can burn so bright we neglect the more subtle aspects of our humanity, and Neptune’s influence makes sure we feel well connected to Source. This beautiful exchange happens every year as the Sun and Neptune connect, but it is rare for it to happen exactly Conjunct a Full Moon. This lunation marks a tremendous upgrade to our spiritual connection, as the Pisces/Virgo polarity is how spirit inhabits the flesh of our bodies. Those of us who are committed to a life of expanding our spiritual connection, this is quite a moment of expansion.

Also in Conjunction as this day comes to a close – and therefore directly part of the Full Moon – is Venus and Uranus coming together in Taurus. Venus has just spent a few very challenging weeks in Aries where for most of February, our hearts were uncomfortable with all of the fires of change and the little calamities we were asked to navigate. Once she moved into Taurus last week, she returned to one of her signs of rulership, and the one that focuses on the beautiful sensations of love in our lives (Libra is more relationship focused). Venus in Taurus brings love into our experience with grounded solidity. Good thing, because her Conjunction with Uranus is not exactly stable, though it’s still all about love.

Venus/Uranus allows us to get very excited about the things that light us up in our hearts. Venus brings love, of course. Uranus is always about freedom of expression, and the ability to break out into your own unique sense of expression that is not confined by outside constructs. You do you is the theme when Uranus is in the house. The geometrical connection between this love button and the Full Moon is the agitated Sesqui-Square. If your sense of freedom feels inhibited by anything that is happening in your experience of love and intimacy, this Full Moon has a powerful alarm system, alerting you to changes that may need to be made in the weeks and months to come.

In the spirit of every Full Moon being an opportunity to express gratitude and release, this side bar in the solar system is a powerful heart opener. Uranus’s lightning bolt will allow us to focus on what we are ready to drop by the side of the road and cut the cords with precision and finality. What a gift. In fact, Venus and Uranus are coming together in a 60-degree angle with the North Node of the Moon, the point that represents the future that we are moving into. This productive energy between love and awakening (Venus and Uranus) on the one hand, and the road ahead on the other (North Node), ensures that whatever movement we generate for ourselves with this powerful Full Moon, it is certain to be guiding us forward, into our own unique sense of destiny.

Last, but certainly not least, Virgo is an earth sign and is in a Trine to another earth sign, Capricorn, where all the big energy of 2020 is being held. This Full Moon is in complete geometrical harmony with all of those planets, and so this Full Moon allows us to feel more graceful with all of the difficulty on the planet right now. As an earth sign, if you care to ritualize this Virgo moment, focus on a very physicalized celebration. That said, Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so if you care to use the written word as a way to tap into the universal energy right now, that will be just as effective.

Consider all of the ways you allow your spiritual connection to be the foundation of all of your movement through life. Pisces is the unified field of undifferentiated energy out of which all form is manifest. Virgo is the impossibly meticulous and comprehensive way that we take that potential and turn it into the fuel that animates our very embodiment. Celebrate the ways you already live in this alignment (gratitude), while also allowing for the release of anything that might inhibit your capacity to up-level to a higher level of this functioning (release). Have at it. And wash your hands.