Friday January 10, 2020

The Full Moon lunar eclipse takes place at 11:31am PST at 20-degrees of Cancer, the most intense eclipse of our lifetime. And at the same time, it’s just another Full Moon. Like just about every other cognitive dissonance that we must work through in life, I invite you to think of this moment as the biggest one you have ever moved through AND just another moment in the relentless way life and consciousness unfold. This entire month is the peak of a wave that has been building for several years, and the impact of which we will feel for a long while to come.

Let’s break this down in the simplest way, by starting with the polarity in question. Every Full Moon demands that we consider how two opposing forces must be integrated. In Capricorn, we are engaged with drive, purpose, goals, steadfastness, and definitive movement out and about in the world of form in the outside world. In Cancer, we are sequestered, inwardly focused, and in consideration of the cycles of our experience, and very connected with the inner landscape. In Cancer, we are birthed and prepared for the journey to come. Capricorn puts us directly into that journey. When these two polarities are integrated within us, we can generate a perfect balance of caring for self (Cancer), and moving out toward others (Capricorn).

The Cancer Full Moon lands close to the North Node, so the power to propel us forward into our sense of destiny is part of what this eclipse is bringing. On the other side of the equation, the Sun is joined by so many players, including the South Node, so we’re moving away from our past with a release mechanism we have rarely seen in this size and scope. Jupiter brings a huge swath of possibility and abundance, and his close proximity to the South Node is helping us let go of so much drama. Mercury is joining up with the Sun, so guidance and information about our journey is everywhere. And of course, there is Pluto and Saturn, death and taxes, leading the pack of Capricorn planets, and their Conjunction is just two days away.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, goes direct today as well, which is a pretty significant addition to the power of this eclipse. Retrograde motion is akin to a walk through the unconscious mind, and when a planet stations to go direct, it will often bring with it some gifts from the inner world. When it is Uranus doing the turnaround, expect the unexpected, a bit of instability, and the potential for life changing inspiration to come along with it. Uranus is Trining the South Node where all release mojo is held, so the capacity to let go of stuff that has been difficult to shed can be like the miracle you have long been waiting for. Neptune, on the other side of the cosmos, is making a Trine with the Moon, bringing a thread of deep and profound spiritual depth to our experience, and will go a long way to bring comfort amidst the chaos, if you call your spiritual practice into action.

Mercury and the Sun come together just hours before the eclipse hits, bringing clarity and guidance in a pattern that happens twice in every Mercury cycle (once when retrograde, and once in the free and clear portion like now). During that connection between our conscious awareness (Sun) and our thinking mechanism (Mercury), we always receive important downloads of guidance and data that is crucial to our functioning. In some ways, this is the most important personal thread inside all of this planetary chaos. The overall wave of energy is so enormous, so global, so transformative, and so (potentially) scary, that we will all need some tether to what is important for each of us on a personal level. Keep eyes and ears wide open during this entire stretch, for the guidance is coming if we can be still and quiet enough to hear it amid the din.

The fundamental consciousness behind all Full Moons is gratitude and release. When the Cancer and Capricorn archetypes are integrated within our consciousness, then our private and public personas are also more fluid. Consider all the ways you want to find balance between getting your needs met (Cancer) such that you can move out into the world and accomplish all that you desire (Capricorn). Cancer is also the sign where we first began a connection with the Divine Mother, so on a certain level, this moment is another opportunity to grow that relationship within ourselves. The Great Mother, one’s literal mother, and the interior mother where we learn how to finally care for ourselves with the same love that the Great Mother provides, is very much in the soup with this eclipse.

I hope you are prepared to drop a whole lotta stuff by the side of the road, for that is certainly what is possible right now. I know that what we are moving through is so, so big. Turn on the news if you want a notion of just how big, and then remember that the outside world is also just a reflection of your consciousness. Think of a picture on a TV screen that is really made up of tiny little pixels of data. One big image, but that image is generated by many thousands of individual points that are unique to themselves, but unmistakably and undeniable part of the whole. You cannot change the image, for that is the world as the world is. But which pixel of information you want to be expressing, well that is entirely up to you. Will you choose chaos and fear, or will you surrender to the transformation necessary to make a higher choice?