The Full Moon in Taurus partial lunar eclipse took place at 12:57am PST overnight. Welcome to eclipse season, and the wormhole that exists in the space between this lunation, and the solar eclipse in two weeks. A wormhole is a phenomenon in quantum physics where a particle passes through a fold in the fabric of space/time and is able to cross vast distances in the universe in an instant. In this model, the universe is the conscious awareness of your self as an embodied human. The particle is how you relate to some aspects of yourself as you grow. And grow you will in an eclipse. Growth can be alarming and destabilizing, for where there is growth, there may be growing pains. All expansion requires letting go of the old, and this eclipse season is an opportunity to release the consciousness that may be blocking all the love you could possibly desire. But of course, you will have to face death in order to grow big enough to contain all that love.

The Taurus/Scorpio continuum is all about the relationship we have between love and death. Love is all there is, so when I use this word, I am talking about love as a function of existence itself. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so that we exist is thanks to his dive into the Void. But as we evolve into Taurus, we are in the land of form, as this is where the Earth herself is created. Through the principle of Love, being alive offers us extraordinary pleasure and ecstasy. But existence can only occur through the structure of death and rebirth, and Scorpio holds the key to how this stunning mechanism runs. So, in this Full Moon, we are dealing with what we love most dear (Taurus), and the depths to which we will go to create all that we desire (Scorpio). Nothing comes without sacrifice, and Taurus and Scorpio know this well; they invented it.

All Full Moons are about the spirit of gratitude and release, and if our minds and hearts are in good working order at the moment of an eclipse, we benefit. Therefore, it is fortunate that Mercury in Scorpio is holding a Trine with Neptune, the Great Spirit, so our intuition is at its greatest depth, and we easily connect to the guidance that comes from deeper places within us, and higher places above us. Speaking of higher places above us, that sounds like the domain of Uranus, the Great Awakener, who brings inspired thought, and sudden inspiration. Since Venus is Trining Uranus right now, we are ready to receive all sorts of inspired ideas and higher thoughts, and have them land right in our hearts. You could not ask for a better set up with mind and heart for a powerful Full Moon that is also an eclipse.

The Moon went into a Void at the moment of the Full Moon, so the hours between 12:57am PST and 6:32am PST are quite intense, so if you like to do deep practices of a meditative sort, that will be the richest stretch of time for a Full Moon ritual. Then the Moon will move into Gemini early this morning (PST), and in a technical way the Full Moon ends, but not the energetic reverberation of the eclipse; that will linger. The Gemini Moon will Conjunct the North Node, so it’s likely to also be a busy day of active connections with others, and between the powerfully intense backdrop of the eclipse, and the stimulating sociability of the Gemini Moon, there could be quite a dynamic, exciting, and fun day on tap.

All Full Moons are powerful, and eclipses are transformative. But this one has an important preparatory quality, because the Nodes are getting ready to change signs. These are the vectors of energy that, when the Sun is in alignment with one of them, the angles are just right to create an eclipse. The Nodes themselves are one of the most sensitive points when considering what the collective consciousness is doing, where we are all heading. The North Node moved into Gemini just as the pandemic rolled in, and we have been grappling with polarization and divide, in the spirit of the duality that Gemini can inspire. As we move into next year, the North Node (the future) will be guided by Taurus, and therefore love is in front of us. The South Node (the past) will move into Scorpio, and what we are coming out of is change, transformation, and death. Look forward, have love abundantly. Be stuck in the past, and you will get pummeled by death.

We are very much putting that cycle to bed, and as we move into 2022, we enter an entirely new cycle (I will keep you posted about all of this in my upcoming 2022 forecast). This eclipse season is all about the bridge between those changes that are behind us, and the cycle we are to begin next year. Scorpio and Taurus have questions to ask us. Which way do we want to turn; toward love (Taurus), or to be consumed by death (Scorpio)? Of course, if we want love but not messiness, we can’t nurture intimacy. If we want the pleasures of life in a body, but do not practice moderation, that cannot be sustained in the long run. If we know that love is all there is, but are unwilling to confront our shadow, we are inhabiting a false sort of love. If we kill off all those that hurt us, that does not allow love to flow in other areas.

All of these considerations are of the Taurus/Scorpio polarity, and we have the potential during this eclipse to focus where we want to see change and transformation in these areas of our lives. All those tropes that indicate you can’t really keep something unless you’re willing to let it go apply here, so truly dig deep, and allow all the little deaths that want to happen right now with as much grace and ease as you can muster. The world is going to need as many of us as possible to be aligned with love as we continue to build this new world together. The task is herculean, but it is accomplished one embodied person at a time.