At 4:13am PDT, the Sagittarius Moon will Oppose the Gemini Sun, and we have a Full Moon that is also a Total Lunar Eclipse. The wormhole has begun! Wormholes allow us to travel from one place of consciousness where we start the journey, and find ourselves in completely new territory on another side of the consciousness when the journey ends. In other words, lots of change can occur in eclipse season. We are being reset in a way, just like turning the computer off and then on again to make it work more efficiently. This eclipse season begins with a Full Moon, which means it is all about the leave behind. We release the past in Full Moons, and when it’s an eclipse, the power to truly let go of things that are no longer serving you is at its strongest.

The polarity of Gemini/Sagittarius is the realm of ideas, thoughts, communication (Gemini) and the higher truths we create with those ideas (Sagittarius). This is the Full Moon of our belief systems, which makes this a particularly interesting moment when belief systems are being challenged all over the planet right now. This is a particularly mental and intellectual lunation, all air and fire, hence why we are focused on how we think about our experience, the ideas we have about ourselves and our lives, and the higher truths that we use to guide us. There is plenty of emotional, watery depth to this transit as you will see as you read on, but the hallmark of the moment is to comb through all the chaos of your overthinking mind, find the still small voice, hold on to that, and let everything else just fall by the wayside. What have you been believing about yourself that is not true? This is that moment to let those old, wounded ideas about you and your life go, and for good.

The dynamic tension of opposites and the power that that geometry brings is what is behind the intensity of all Full Moons. In fact, any two objects holding the 180-degree angle are extremely difficult energies to navigate. Therefore, if another planet splits that difficult geometry into two easier segments, we call that an Easy Opposition. Trines are harmonious and easy, and Sextiles are productive and creative. Full Moons bring tremendous tension, and there are two planets creating Easy Oppositions to this Eclipse. Saturn and Chiron are working together this year to bring mighty and powerful healings to whomever has the courage to dive deep and allow the unconscious to heal. Both of these heavy hitters are tapping into this Full Moon by creating Easy Opposition to the Sun and the Moon. If you are confused by the geometrical picture I am trying to draw here, just let it go and know that this Full Moon has the Great Teacher (Saturn) and the Great Healer (Chiron) in a very powerful and productive relationship to the moment. The participation of these two players makes whatever discomfort you may be going through worth the effort.

Since all Full Moons are about release and healing, it might be fortuitous that Mars and Pluto are holding an Opposition as a side bar to this eclipse. This energy opens us up to the powerful drives that emanate out of the unconscious, a necessary posture when we want to release things that are deeply held in that mysterious realm. This transit can increase things like the urge to dominate and control, darker experiences like obsession, and passions that are destructive. This is a shadow work transit (thank you, Pluto), and so the more comfortable you are with moments where you are triggered, the easier this eclipse passage is likely to be. This transit is going to rip us open a bit from the inside out. We move from our feelings much more when Mars is in Cancer, and the Opposition to Pluto is where the unconscious attachments come into the picture. But do not mistake the value of all of the intensity of feelings that are arising at this time. We cannot heal unless we open up the core wounds, and this transit is perfect for that.

Uranus is holding the Great Eliminator with the South Node, the point in this eclipse that represents all that we are moving away from, releasing, and dropping by the side of the road. I like to say that when you need a miracle, you want Uranus in the House. This participation of the Great Awakener is the lynch pin that allows for even the most stuck aspects of your consciousness to have some energetic assistance to release the past. By the same token, this eclipse has the potential – and Uranus is why this is so – to have things snatched away from you in a sudden and unexpected way. Trust that if this is what is happening to you this eclipse season, whatever you have to let go of must not have been yours in the first place.

Though this is a Full Moon and a moment for release, it is also North Node Eclipse, meaning the Sun is aligned with the North Node, whereas in six months at the next eclipse season, the Sun will be with the South Node. In North Node eclipses, we are focused on the future, and to have the Sun, North Node, Mercury and Venus all in alignment in Gemini means that we are being pushed forward at the same time as we are being asked to let stuff go. Eclipse season is not the time to slow down and figure things out. We are moving with breakneck speed for the next two weeks. It is definitely time to surrender to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and when in doubt, let go. If you feel unclear, or the chaotic thinking right now gets in the way of clarity, try this release prayer: “I am now ready to release all those aspects of self, known and unknown, conscious and unconscious, that inhibit my fullest expression at this time. And so it is.” Have at it.