The New Moon in Aquarius is exact at 11:06am PST this morning. The Aquarius mansion is all about heightened intuition, inspiration and innovation, out of the box thinking, new possibilities, and of course, my favorite; service to humanity. Aquarius knew that something was missing, and so he went on a hero’s journey, where he found water. By bringing this precious elixir back to the community, life was able to begin. Think of all the nuggets buried in this story. Intuition. Vision. The willingness to follow the call of your unique hero’s journey, and take the great risk of going on it. And of course, again my favorite; the need to serve. This is that moment to set intentions that fall in line with your intuitive guidance, the innovative gifts that only you can bring, and the powerful desire to bring your gifts to the world, so it can benefit from your unique offerings.

Venus has been such a blessing to us in these first weeks of February by moving through the Aquarius mansion. She is participating directly with this New Moon, as she is in most of the lunations in the first half of 2021. We are moving through incredible challenges as the consciousness of the human race is exploding into new territory, the passage of the planet of love through this mansion where all the energy is focused this year, is helping us all find the blessing in the middle of all this transformation. Venus and Jupiter are Conjunct today, and that Conjunction is exact just a few hours shy of the New Moon. And for this astrologer, that kind of precision makes the energetic moment count all the more. Love, abundance, and the possibility of an extraordinary future is built directly into this moment, so let your heart open, and allow yourself to feel that anything is possible as you consider the intentions you set at this time.

Right before and right after this New Moon are the big Saturn transits that are making 2021 what it is. Just behind us is the healing, courtesy of the Sextile between Saturn and Chiron that peaked this past Tuesday. The 60-degree angle is one of potential, and if you have been picking up tools for healing (writing, dreamwork, meditation, therapy, bodywork, processing grief, etc.) you will benefit tremendously by allowing for the most integrated version of yourself to meet the year ahead. In six days, Saturn will Square Uranus, and the other Saturn transit that marks this year will hit for the first time. This is a disruptive bump smack into change, conflict, obstacles, and the sort of unexpected curve balls that knock us on our ass. Of course, Saturn wants us to learn and grow, and Uranus has the desire that we wake up to our highest potential. Both are high aspirations, but coming together in a Square means that the energies that facilitate growth (Saturn) and waking up (Uranus) are at odds with how to accomplish these desires. The net result is that the process is unstable and chaotic.

This New Moon is gorgeously planted between these two Saturnian thrusts, so there is a lot of power in this new cycle to order up some deep healing so that we might get through the chaos of the year without too much dustup. Aquarius rules the global community as a whole, and there has never been a more prescient moment where we need as many woke people on the planet focusing on healing and bringing integration to the world rising up in polarization and divide. The collective needs as many of us as possible to set intentions that put a focus on moving the world toward Peace for Humanity. When in consideration of such prayers, do your best to stay out of the way of the form that peace must take. If your idea is that peace will come when others believe the way that you do, that is actually the definition of war. Aquarius understands that one world where all are cared for is not only possible, but the natural and organic way that consciousness desires to express. Call in the integration of the polarized divides, and let the how of that be determined by the Divine.

But of course, this is not all about the world or the collective; this New Moon is as personal as any. The power of Venus and Jupiter gathering at this New Moon means this is a perfect moment to declare your intention to attract greater abundance, financial security, and of course, love on the personal level. Remember that Aquarius is all about out of the box thinking, and allowing yourself to be completely surprised. I also like to say, if you need a miracle, be sure to turn toward the Aquarius mansion, for Uranus, as the ruler of this area of our consciousness, knows no limits to what is possible. Aquarius is an air sign, and air means thoughts and intellect, so this is a great New Moon to write your intentions down. And even (and perhaps most especially) with your personal intentions, cultivate the desire and the feeling sensation of that which you wish to attract. As to the specific form they take and how they come to you, leave that up to the Divine.