The New Moon in Aquarius hits this afternoon at 2:58pm PST. We are in the Aquarius mansion, which is ruled by Uranus, where absolutely anything can happen, and surprises, pivots, and reversals lead the way. We are at our most innovative and rebellious and ready to try new things, and this exciting air sign inspires us to take risks. Intuition is an invention of the Aquarius mansion, and we can expect the very highest inner guidance we have access to as we set our intentions for this lunar cycle, and the year ahead. But remember that this is also the mansion where service to humanity was invented, so while you want to set intentions right now that are exciting to you personally, remember that in Aquarius, the needs of the community must come first.

Given that this lunation is ruled by Uranus, it is powerful that the Sun and Moon are in an exact Square with this planet that can cause instantaneous change. The 90-degree Square is the geometry of conflict and obstacle, and when Uranus is holding one end of this hard angle, we must expect the unexpected. This transit has definitely made yesterday and today feel a bit unstable and perhaps crackling with excitement. But when we put it into the archetypal interpretation of this New Moon, we are in an alpha-omega moment where we can completely transform some element of our experience. Aquarius – and Uranus – brings freedom, freedom leads to opportunity, and sudden new opportunities are likely to be abundant now, and in the lunar cycle ahead, though anything that arises is unlikely to do so in a smooth, gentle way.

One of the big moves of this month is the gathering of Chiron the Great Healer and the North Node of the Moon. This Conjunction peaks on the 18th, less than a week before the Full Moon of this lunar cycle. This New Moon is tapping into both Chiron and the North Node as they come together in very positive geometry. Many of my New and Full Moon articles have mentioned this closer proximity of the Great Healer with the North Node, because since last spring, all of the work we have been doing on ourselves to heal inner wounds has allowed us all to move more powerfully forward into our desired future as a result. The Full Moon of this lunar cycle will have Chiron and the North Node even closer together than they are now, so that lunation is going be epic in the realm of releasing wounds that hold us back; more on that in two weeks’ time.

There are a few aspects that I refer to as side-bar transits, where planets are forming helpful geometry that we get to take advantage of as we set intentions. Mars and Venus are Conjunct in Capricorn right now, so our heart centers, and how we relate to our bodies are operating in a similar fashion, focused on goals and ambitions, with the discipline to get there. Mars is how we relate to the masculine principle of doing at the personal level. Through Venus we understand the feminine principle of being. When they are in the same sign, we are able to make decisions that come from love, and experience a rare moment of integration of masculine and feminine inside our psyche. These two planets are forming a Trine with Uranus, which will help smooth out the disruptive unexpected energy from the Sun/Uranus Square, and allow the unexpected sensation of Uranus to potentially work in our favor.

Another powerful side bar transit is an exact Sextile between the social planets, Saturn and Jupiter. If you want to build something in your outer world, you need Saturn for structure, focus, discipline, and responsibility. Jupiter adds the beautiful expansion that can take place when our foundation is secure. Having these two planets in this productive geometry at the same moment when the Moon and the Sun come together is a boon to us. Intentions we set have equal measure of structure and expansion built into them, and we will have good access to both of these principles for this entire lunar cycle.

I usually use the language of intention setting at the New Moon, but remember that all New Moons also indicate that new things may arise in your experience, and this one promises some radical new possibilities, both now as we move through the lunation, and in the cycle ahead. Aquarius asks us to be open to fast change, and we are more easily moved by inspiration when we are in this territory. The abiding spiritual principle embodied by Aquarius and Uranus is Freedom, but it is flexibility that allows us to receive that sudden and unexpected without getting knocked on your ass too badly. That may be unavoidable in this cycle, but forward is forearmed, don’t grab anything too tightly right now, because everything is subject to change, and that change could be sudden.

Think outside the box with this New Moon, and do not shrink back from setting unconventional intentions right now. What you ask for and what you receive is likely to be radically different, but Aquarius actually teaches us how to be both bold and audacious with what we attempt, and completely flexible with what comes, ready to pivot on a dime to acclimate to what life on life’s terms brings your way. This is a New Moon about service, for it is in Aquarius where we first learn that the community will not thrive unless we are all relating to the needs of the community through the lens of how we can help at the individual level. Go for whatever it is you desire, but make sure it serves humanity. And while you may tire of me saying it, this is how we create Peace at long last, by more individuals on the planet knowing who they are and how they what they bring will lift up the world at large. Have at it!