The New Moon in Aries takes place at 7:30pm PDT this evening. This is the first New Moon of the astrological new year, and so in some ways, the intentions we set at this time have a bit more forward thrust than is typical. The Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Chiron are all in this cardinal fire sign where we first understand the concept of the I Am. As the first archetype of the zodiac, Aries is where we start things up, and push into new directions using the very energy that understands how to dive in headfirst. This is not a time to shrink back from what you want to create for yourself and your life, but rather a moment to burst onto the scene, and allow the momentum of this moment to carry your intentions powerfully into the future.

After the profound depth of healing that the last lunar cycle brought us through, this can truly be a moment of renewal, and an opportunity to begin again, with a much greater sense of integration and wholeness as a result of what we just worked through. If Mercury and Venus are moving through Aries right now, it means they recently visited Pisces, the land of the unconscious. Now in Aries, and directly participating in this New Moon, mind and heart are in an easy sense of congruity with both of these planets in the same sign. While they were in Pisces, we were doing some behind-the-scenes work in our unconscious, and now in Aries, they are both ready to fire us up with all they learned. When mind and heart are in alignment, then we can cook with gas when it comes to manifesting our desires.

There are some side bars in this New Moon that can help us get those heart’s desires beautifully clear and open, and to inspire the actions needed in the weeks and months to turn them into form. Mars, the planet of action, movement, and goals themselves is in a Trine with Jupiter, the Great Expander. And smack dab in the middle of the triangle that these two are forming is the New Moon itself, creating the productive angle of the Sextile from the New Moon to both of these players. The intentions we set at this time have a greater likelihood of success in this particular lunation because Mars is ready to take the marching orders we give him, and Jupiter is present to allow us to think and dream big.

Venus and Pluto are in a Square during this New Moon, and while this is a potential emotional snake pit, if you can turn away from the darker emotions this transit is famous for (jealousy, territorial disputes, obsession, and sexual tensions), you can drop into the deep and passionate feelings spaces within your psyche to find the perfect emotional fertilizer to help your seeds of intentions blossom. The entire Aries stelium is holding this Square with the Lord of the Underworld (though it is Venus in the late degrees of Aries that is holding the exact 90-degree angle). This is uncomfortable geometry, for it has allowed the shadow to be very present these days (have you noticed that?). When we do not shrink back from what frightens us, or refrain from arguing with the things that we wish were not so, we are much more powerful co-creators with Source.

Pluto is all over this moment, in fact. There is one Pluto/North Node transit that happens this year, and if you recall, the revolutionary transformation on the planet last year was completely driven by Pluto and his interactions with Jupiter and Saturn. The North Node is the collective point that represents the entire planet, and every being on it, moving toward the same future. Pluto is the force of change, and this year’s North Node transit reflects the growing pains that accompany such transformation as we are moving through. The 135-degree angle known as the Sesqui-Square is pure frustration and the discomfort when things don’t feel quite right. The outer world has changed completely, and now our inner worlds must adjust, and this squeeze between the shadow (Pluto) and the future (North Node) is exact today. This transit has influence over this entire year (and last year and next as well) but the day it hits its exact mark is today, which is one powerful synchronicity.

We are in the birth of the new world while also attending its funeral, and that may be difficult to wrap your heart and mind around. So once again, it all comes down to you. And me. All of us as individuals. This is an invention of Aries, that we are each on an individualized journey in a body; separate, yet still connected to the whole. But remember, Aries is where we are less captivated by how we are all part of one collective, and more focused on our individual role. As each of us on the planet rise up into the most powerful and expansive versions of ourselves, the entire system is raised up in vibration. This is the moment to truly celebrate your particular I Am, and remember that the world is being reborn and so are we. We offer new gifts to the world, and by doing so, inch ever closer toward world peace.