The New Moon in Cancer is exact tonight at 6:16pm PDT. The Cancer mansion is all about restoration, rest, rejuvenation, and preparation for all the ways we want to move out and about into the world. We must start from home, and that’s where the Cancer archetype comes in, as the inventor of home and heart, both literally, and the home and hearth we create for ourselves through self-care, and putting our own needs first. Mother knows that we must be well rested and fed if we are to be effective and powerful. And the same is true of the Great Mother, the feminine aspect of the Divine that we connect to through this sign, and this is a moment where we turn more toward Mother Goddess and Gaia herself, than Father God.

We are blessed at this moment to set intentions and begin and again in that alpha/omega way that all New Moons offer. Only this one is well placed given how disruptive and challenging the last two lunar cycles were, with two eclipses, Mercury’s retrograde, and the peaking of the big transits of the year, Saturn Squaring Uranus, while also Sextiling Chiron. It’s a year of unstable change (Saturn/Uranus) and great healing (Saturn/Chiron), and May and June put us through the ringer with regard to both. This New Moon asks us to regroup, come back to center, consider what our basic and fundamental needs are, and set intentions that allow for all those needs to be well met. This is that moment where you must, even if it is hard to do, put your oxygen mask on first, and only then look around at how you can serve others.

It is interesting to me that the biggest sidebar transit that is part of this New Moon is the pending Conjunction between Mars and Venus. This signals and important integration moment for us all, when how we walk our walk (Mars) and how we are guided by our feelings (Venus) align and create a new, upgraded version of a sense of wholeness. Mars and Venus coming together helps us merge masculine and feminine principles that live in each of us at the personal level. This happens about every two years and in fact the last time it did was in August of 2019, and that Conjunction also occurred with a New Moon (in Virgo). Clearly, we are moving through a moment on the planet where this blending of action and emotion is crucial for us all to find our own sense of how to walk a powerful walk in this world, while also staying open in our hearts, in a world where that becomes more and more difficult to do.

The solar system itself is offering its assistance, and this New Moon in Cancer is all about getting still for a moment, examining all the ways we feel disconnected from our hearts based on the actions we take, regroup, and set intentions to more powerfully honor our feelings – before taking any action. As Mars and Venus have inched toward their Conjunction (which will be exact in three days) they have – essentially at the same time – Squared Uranus, Opposed Saturn, and Trined Chiron. What a profound transformative week it has been. The Square to Uranus is the lightning flash that says anything can happen, and probably will. The Opposition to Saturn has caused delays and brought up important lessons that have been uncomfortable and frustrating; but the slower pace that Saturn demands allowed the Trine to Chiron to offer a tremendous opportunity for healing. It was quite a week; and today we set intentions based on what we learned about how to more powerfully care for self.

This New Moon forms with a Trine to Neptune, the Great Spirit, so we are well guided at this moment, especially if you’ve been turning toward your spiritual practice as we moved through these past days of tremendous gear shift. The energies I described in the paragraphs above played out over the last seven days, with each little hit happening on a different day, so it was quite a week. The presence of Neptune in this way allows for tremendous spiritual direction, and our intuition may be operating at full tilt. Consider each day of the past week. What did you learn about your emotional and substance needs that feels new or expansive? How are you understanding your new walk through life, as we start to inch back out there in new ways, meeting a world that has completely transformed? What has your heart (Venus) informed you about the walk you are walking (Mars)?

Think on these things and lean into them to help you set powerful intentions at this moment that will increase your capacity for self care so much, that you naturally and organically head back out into the world and climb the mountain of your desires powerfully, as the Capricorn Full Moon of two weeks ago drove home for us all. That Full Moon highlighted the goals we have, but this is where we go home, get fed, rest up, and come into a deeper understanding of what you need to support and sustain your journey. This is not a moment to be in consideration about how you are going to rise up, take over the world, and spread your vision powerfully in a public way. Quite the opposite. This is a moment to consider all that you indeed want to contribute, and to set intentions that will offer you exactly the nurturance, sustenance, and emotional support you need to accomplish those lofty goals. This is the New Moon where we all become mother to ourselves, so make sure the care you need, reflects things that you can provide for yourself.