As we start this day, both the Moon and the Sun are in the sign of Gemini, and tonight at 9:26pm PDT the two luminaries meet up, and we move through the New Moon in Gemini, and kick off a new lunar cycle. Gemini is where we learned about thoughts and their expression, and the desire to connect with others is born here as well. In fact, the soul of a Gemini New Moon is connection, and what we can accomplish when we share our ideas with others, and ipso facto, the world. This lunation has some epic assistance, but also a rather significant challenge to work with, courtesy of Neptune, the Great Spirit. In fact, a Square between the Moon and the Sun and Neptune is the big kahuna of this lunation, and it brings a challenge, but there is also an opportunity buried within it, so let’s look at both.

The New Moon is at 26-degrees of Gemini, and Neptune is at 27-degrees of Pisces, an almost exact 90-degree Square. At its heart, this is a difficult aspect. When Neptune is triggered with hard geometry, the net effect is cloudiness, confusion, and lack of clarity. And when it is the Sun and Neptune engaged in this dynamic, we are moving through unknown territory. We are challenged in our judgement, overly impressionable, and prone to misunderstandings, mistakes, and errors. This is also a transit of escapism, so if addiction is part of your story, this could be a very interesting lunar cycle for you, as this setup might make sobriety a more difficult choice.

The benefit of this Square is more subtle, and will require a kind of meditative/spiritual approach to how you listen to your thoughts. You see, that fog that Neptune generates is not random; it is the way of Spirit. We are so intellectually oriented that we often cannot hear the still small voice, but in these foggy moments, that voice is there, we just have to stretch, soften, and quiet the mind in order to hear it. Our intellect can shut that intuitive connection off completely, and that intellect is an invention of Gemini. The benefit that is in this lunation is the ability for us to dissolve delusions, quiet the mind, and let that intuitive voice rise up and guide you. But this takes a lot of work and patience, and fortunately, Mercury and Venus will help.

I just love it when the solar system helps us align our minds and our hearts, for that is one of the secrets to powerful manifestation. If you know what you want, that’s a great start. But you absolutely must feel into your desires, and allow that feeling state to support the mental equivalent of what you want to create. In other words, you can think you want something, but you have to feel deserving of it in order to manifest it. Right now, the Mind portion of this is Mercury in his home turf of Gemini, and so our minds are clear, and we are ready to put the mental imprint of our intentions out there into the ethers. Venus is in live-out-loud Leo, and she is ready to allow our emotional bodies all the confidence we could need to create from a powerful, internal sense of deserving (there is very little undeserving challenge with Venus in Leo). These two are holding a perfect Sextile today, and that productive and creative geometry is something we are all taking advantage of during this New Moon. If the solar system Mind and Heart are working well with each other, the mind and heart of each of us at the individual level is as well.

Jupiter is still quite close to the North Node of the Moon during this lunation, so we also have that assistance. Jupiter holds our manifestation desires in his movement, and the North Node is our way forward. Any intentions we set during this lunation have this powerful sense of confidence about the future that is available now, and the wave forward created by these two hanging out together is palpable. What is beautiful about this setup as a New Moon starting point, is that Saturn is holding a Sextile with Jupiter right now. This puts us in perfect working order between our deepest wishes for abundance in all forms (Jupiter), and the responsibility and hard work needed to build and create new things (Saturn). Jupiter allows us to have what we desire, and Saturn teaches us how to build things that last.

The Sun will move into Cancer in a few days, changing the mansion we are moving through, and moving us through the powerful marker of the Solstice. What I like about this is that after a mental burst with this New Moon, we drop into territory where we are more capable of holding and caring for our desires in that nurturing way of the Cancer archetype. In addition, since Venus is participating so powerfully in this lunation, keep in mind that her upcoming retrograde – and her many months in Leo as a result – can help us all ground into our hearts the deserving needed to manifest all of our desires in the months ahead.

Since Gemini is the first air sign where thought was first invented, this is a lunation to use writing as the ritual du jour, so it’s time to get out your journals. Use your mind to guide your thoughts, and then allow Jupiter’s connection to Spirit to find the still small voice of purity below. Tap into the balance that Jupiter and Saturn are presenting us with, trust that your mind and heart is in the best alignment that we can muster at the moment. There is nothing of any value in existence that doesn’t begin with an idea. This is a New Moon to trust that even the smallest of ideas can grow into the most powerful expressions out there in the world of form. But you will have to get quiet enough to tap into the still small voice of desire, so quiet the chatter, set powerful intentions, and have at it.