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The New Moon in Gemini is exact today at 5:37am PDT. It’s a party in the Gemini mansion, which means it’s a party in whatever house in your natal chart is ruled by this mutable air sign. This is Mercury’s ruling sign (one of them), and so it’s a boon that he is one of the folks in this powerhouse stelium that also includes, the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter. Our minds (Mercury), conscious awareness (Sun), heart centers (Venus), and sense of all possibility and expansion (Jupiter), are all in this mansion where perception is the name of the game. Everything that we experience in consciousness begins with how we are seeing the world we are creating.

There is great power in this, for you cannot change the unchangeable aspects of life on life’s terms, the one thing you can absolutely transform, is how you are choosing to perceive your reality. And then we must remember the old adage of what you focus on will expand, something that Jupiter knows a lot about. There is tremendous enthusiasm in this New Moon, which will follow us through the entire lunar cycle. That said, this moment is not without its lessons on deserving, and having an internal readiness to revive the good that you are calling in at this time.

I love that both Mercury and Venus are also in this sign. Getting the mind and heart in congruence is one of the challenges with manifestation, and the laws of attraction. We must have a clear idea of what we want, and that’s where Mercury comes in. But we must also be able to feel a desire as if we already have it, and Venus allows us to do that. With both planets in the same sign, we are already in a more authentic alignment of mind and heart. Mercury and Venus will continue to move close together between now and the Full Moon, which means this alignment increases as we inch toward the Full Moon, where we quite literally release private inhibitions (Moon in Cancer) so we can climb the mountain of our ambitions with more focus (Sun in Capricorn). But I get a little ahead of myself.

Now a little note to anyone who has not been feeling the yummy energy quite as beautifully as I have been presenting it this past week. The entire New Moon Gemini stelium is also dialing into Pluto in the agitated Sesqui-Square, a weak geometrical angle that can not create anything, nor can it destroy anything. Pluto means change is taking place, and this mild friction with Pluto is pure frustration, bother, and growing pains. So there has also been this backdrop of buzzy discomfort, as so much is changing right now. All the more reason to take a moment to stop your movement, take stock of how you are perceiving your life at this time, and see what may be needed to align your perceptions with your higher vibrational consciousness, and let fear and doubt fall away.

This New Moon is also holding a pretty tight Square with Saturn in Pisces. This amplifies the importance of the lunation, and it also explains how this past week may not have been fun and games for everyone. The general astro-weather was beautiful, but this transit puts us in some lessons. And with Saturn in Pisces, it is unconscious material that we are grappling with, as Pisces is the sign that invented the unconscious mind. So, we want what we want, and Jupiter in Gemini gives us the perception that we can have it all, and we can probably have it delivered! But Saturn in Pisces asks us to lean in and make sure that we are working on lessons of deserving, so what we want with our conscious awareness is matched by an unconscious sense that we deserve what we are asking for.

Back to the cash and prizes! Jupiter will take all the intentions we set at this New Moon, and carry them with him for the next year of his passage through Gemini, which makes this particular New Moon a little extra in the way intentions set now can play out over the next year as Jupiter traverses this sign through next June. Remember that everything you experience is a function of how you perceive your life, and this is the one completely transformable aspect of being alive and in a body. You can’t fight life on life’s terms, but you can absolutely choose to see life as something that is unfolding for your benefit. The wounded, victim consciousness might say that life is happening to me, but Jupiter in Gemini knows it is happening not only for me, but AS ME as well. Have at it.