At 10:22am PDT this morning, the Moon will cross over into Gemini. This puts us in what is known as the Dark-of-the-Moon, where the Moon enters the sign that the Sun is in, indicating that a New Moon is upon us. That New Moon will hit in the wee hours of Monday, May 30th at 4:30am PDT, making today the juicy day for intention setting. Truly, though, these next three days are focused on our ability to reset, start again, and put the last very challenging lunar cycle behind us, and set intentions for the month ahead. We are coming out of the eclipse wormhole, and the energy did not disappoint, as May was as challenging as was promised by the intense astrology. We start June off with this New Moon in Gemini, and the month ahead should be a lot less destabilizing than what we are emerging from.

The Gemini mansion is where we connect to words and thoughts, and the ways we share ideas with each other at a collective level. Gemini, in fact, is the first sign of the zodiac where we understand that connection is key, and how we facilitate that, is through the sharing of ideas and thoughts. Gemini has a bit of crackle in it, we get a little more excitable and we want to share that excitement with others. Curiosity is a big watchword of Gemini, and we are game to try new things when the mind is stimulated. This is the New Moon where we put our ideas into form, but if you are someone whose mind and thinking gets the better of them at times with overthinking and indecision, this is also a perfect moment to set intentions for clear thinking, right guidance, and finding your focus amidst all the possibilities, so you can follow with right action.

Speaking of action, Mars, the planet of action and movement, has returned to his home sign of Aries. Jupiter, the planet of manifestation and abundance, has also recently entered Mar’s ruling sign, which means that for the rest of this year, we are charged with getting things moving in earnest. In fact, there may be a tremendous inner push right now, where the desire to act and do may be intense because Mars and Jupiter are Conjunct during this New Moon. Indeed, for the rest of 2022, when we need to turn our ideas into actions, we are well supported. While Jupiter was in Pisces for the first five months of the year, our goals and ambitions were marinating in our imagination. The time for action is now, and this New Moon is perfect for taking advantage of this power to get things started. That said, understand there are balancing energies that slow things down quite a bit, so the pace of our forward movement is set by the universe, and ultimately, out of our control.

This New Moon is ruled by Mercury, as Gemini is one of the signs of his rulership. Mercury himself is being led by Venus right now, as he is in her ruling sign of Taurus. But he is still retrograde and is, in fact, not moving. At all. He is at 26-degrees of Taurus, has been here for a few days, and will not budge from here for well over a week, though he turns around and goes direct at the end of the week. Any stationing planet is more powerful and focused with what it brings, and because he is still turned around, the power of our mind is connected to our unconscious, where all manifestation and intention setting begins. This may have two effects in this New Moon. One the one hand, if we get quiet and still, whatever intentions we set at this time will be grounded more deeply in the unconscious where they can create greater traction to help facilitate the manifestation process. But also understand, this posture of Mercury may also indicate that the intentions you set at this time may have delays inadvertently built into them.

The relationship between Aries and Gemini is a Sextile, which is a geometry that allows each participant to be powerfully productive and creative. In this case, fire and air make for a bit of a flame thrower. This is especially so because the fire is in our physical experience (Mars), and the air is appropriately relegated to our mental experience (New Moon ruled by Mercury). So, we take all that air energy from Sun and Moon in Gemini, add them to the fire of Mars and Jupiter in Aires, and this focus of mind and body is a powerful mechanism for turning intentions into right action. But besides Mercury’s retrograde slowing things down in terms of future results, but also, keep in mind that Saturn is holding a Square with the Nodes of the Moon all year. The Nodes reflect our movement from the past and into the future, and the Great Teacher holding each end of that equation (past and future) in the obstacle energy of Squares, and trust me that things will not move as fast as you think they should, so keep that in mind as you go. Patience is going to be key now, and for the rest of this year.

The month of June starts out with Venus and Mars both in their ruling signs, and once Mercury returns to Gemini (June 13th), he will join them, and all three personal planets will be in their ruling signs. In a small way, after five very challenging months, we are restored a bit to our original factory settings. When the personal planets are at home, we function a bit better in all areas, body (Mars in Aries), heart (Venus in Taurus), and mind (Mercury in Gemini). It’s been a brutal year at the personal level so far, but we have been transformed from the inside out. Now, the more difficult energy is behind us, at least for now. Think of this moment as the one in which to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. Gemini understands this idea better than any other sign.