At 6:50am PDT this morning, the Leo Moon will catch up to the Sun, and we move through the New Moon, and the start of our next lunar cycle. This is a powerful and beautiful lunation, where we get to celebrate who we are, what brings us joy, and ask the universe for more of that in all areas of life. Leo is where we understand Joy as a birthright, and when we move through this New Moon every year, we get to reup our commitment to live our lives as a journey of self-expression. Interestingly, this moment is made even more powerful because it is in between two Full Moons in Aquarius, one we have already moved though, and then in two weeks’ time, where we get to release things that might inhibit us from shining our light more brightly.

We are all one in Unity, and connected in ways that we can’t even imagine with our puny human perception. But in Leo, we are not focusing on how we are linked with others, but rather what we as individuals are capable of, with a focus on generating an even more joyful expression of everything that allows for more love. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and in this moment, it may be helpful to consider the role of the Sun in our system as the center of all conscious awareness. The planets move and shift, but the Sun stays constant. The Sun – and the Leo archetype – live in all of us as this center, the integrating hub of us that allows for our changing consciousness to be integrated into our sense of self. Who are you at your center? What lights you up, and what brings you joy? These are the questions to be asking yourself as we move through this intention setting moment, where all the pleasure and delights of being in a body are ours for the enjoyment.

As you know, this year is marked by incredible instability, and change is happening at lightning speed (Uranus) and we continue to bump into (Square) all sorts of obstacles to our movement, and the lessons that life brings us (Saturn). And while that Square doesn’t peak again till December, this New Moon is triggering that Square by creating a T-Square, an intensifying placement that raises the energetic stakes. Firstly, this setup will pit our burgeoning sense of self against lessons about who we are courtesy of an Opposition to Saturn. Leo says I am big as can be, but Saturn in Opposition is there to keep us right sized. Underestimate yourself, and Saturn will be there to teach you greater self-worth. If you overestimate your domain, you may get slapped down by the Great Teacher, so keep things big and bold, but don’t forget humility.

The Square to Uranus will also bring a bit of spark to the day. The conflict geometry with the most unstable energy of our solar system will certainly make these few days a bit more explosive. This may be the hallmark of breakdowns and conflict (and there will be some of that in the mix), but think about the creative process for a moment, since Leo is the archetype that invented personal creative expression. Nothing worth creating can be made without some sort of spark and friction, and this Uranus Square offers a tremendous catalyst for new directions and new possibilities. The energy of these few days will be intense, and filled with that sense of expect-the-unexpected, but the value of this New Moon’s proximity to both Saturn and Uranus makes this lunation even more capable of taking our intentions and moving us into new landscapes in the months/years to come.

We get a really strong navigating mechanism as a sidebar to this lunation, so intentions we set right now have some powerful legs to bring us into that new territory described above. Right now, Neptune and Pluto are holding a Sextile with each other, a productive and creative geometry between Spirit and Transformation. Neptune is how we know our spiritual path, and Pluto allows for us to tap into the deepest places within us, where all true power and authority come from. This New Moon is hitting each of these planets in the Great Eliminator angle, and when there are two of those transits at the same time, that is called a Finger of God or Finger of Fate. Small steps taken now can have major long-range implications for new possibilities, though you may have to drop any baggage that is slowing your progress.

Every journey starts with a single step, and this is one New Moon that is designed for you to take that first crucial step toward what you desire. Leo implies that you can truly have anything that lights you up, and the presence of connecting to spirit on one hand, and allow our sense of personal power on the other, and you have a perfect recipe for the start of something significant. Saturn will keep things stable in what is otherwise a pretty unstable moment, and Uranus throws the wild card in the mix to keep things exciting. In two weeks, we will move through our second opportunity to release anything that might inhibit our ability to share our gifts in service to humanity. However, this is the moment where we focus on those gifts, declare our desire to inhabit them more fully, and then let your inner Leo roar.