At 10:54am PDT, the Moon will Conjunct the Sun, and we move through a powerhouse that is this New Moon in Leo. We are in consideration of our unique gifts and talents in Leo. Ruled by the Sun, this fifth sign of the zodiac invented all the joys of life in a body. This is where we learned to sing and dance, as Leo is aligned with things like children, sex, play, creative expression, and personal leadership. In this mansion, we welcome attention, and just like the Sun shining at the center of our solar system, we put ourselves at the center of our experience. The intentions we set at this time are best focused on your unique gifts, and stewarding the powerful manifestation energy of this particular lunation to align with your passions. There is an energetic slingshot being generated by the solar system right now, and we can use this thrust to shoot our intentions forward, if we also include patience, fortitude, and a focus on the long game.

This New Moon is Trine Jupiter, so the intentions we set at this time have Jupiter’s expansive power to manifest our desires built right into it. Jupiter is in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, the planet of actions and goals. Our deepest desires for abundance and prosperity can be directly funneled into the decisions we make while Jupiter is in Aries. Jupiter is direct, but will turn around and go retrograde just three hours after the New Moon. When a planet is stationed like this, it is more powerful, and the fact that he turns around so close to this lunation takes the intentions we set directly into the unconscious spaces necessary for true manifestation to take place. We can want something desperately, but unless there is traction in the unconscious for that thing to come to form (such as an underlying belief in the possibilities, or a sense that you deserve that which you desire), we will not be able to create that thing.

Jupiter turning retrograde is a gift to us, as the next four months will help marinate the intentions we set now deep into our unconscious, where everything starts. He will carry our desires back into the Pisces mansion, the inventor of the unconscious, and in four months, when he turns around and goes direct once again, some of the intentions we set now will begin to come to fruition. This is one of the reasons we need patience, for what we desire may take longer to create than we wish. In fact, Jupiter will not return to Aries till late December, and so it may take that long to really show results. This is a visionary New Moon, where we can dial into the intention setting power of the moment, but the future we are creating has tremendous instability and uncertainty built into it. We may know what we desire to create, but understand that the form of things may change, and change again, as we are moving so fast, and the transit that is responsible for this sense of acceleration is truly epic.

I am speaking, of course, about the gathering of Mars, Uranus, and the North Node of the Moon at 18-degrees of Taurus. The North Node is the collective point that represents the future that we are all creating together. When the Nodes are transited, there are shifts in the collective experience. Every fifteen years, Uranus and the North Node get together and create a generational shift that shakes things up, and thrusts us forward into new territory so fast, it’s like being shot out of a cannon. This one has Mars, the personal planet of action and the body connected to it. This puts the potential for sudden and new possibilities to exist for us at the personal level as well as for the collective. This is what 2022 is all about, and this transit is at the heart of what is making this year transformative and unstable. Truly we are moving fast, and we cannot know where we are going next. And yet, in all of this chaos, we must dig into our personal desires and set personal intentions, while the collective is flying forward at breakneck speed.

At the same time as this electrifying acceleration, there is also a fixed grand cross being generated by this New Moon. The New Moon and Mercury are in Leo, the Nodes of the Moon are in Scorpio and Taurus (with Uranus and Mars), and Saturn is holding his place firmly in Aquarius. These are the fixed signs, and they are forming a Square with this New Moon. Squares are the geometry of conflict and obstacle, through which we learn and grow. Saturn and Uranus have been holding a Square for the past two years. This energy was more prominent last year, but this New Moon is activating that transit in a big way. We are learning (Saturn) and waking up to higher levels of our conscious awareness (Uranus), but mostly through difficult lessons, and sudden events that have knocked us on our ass (Square).

This is a moment, after almost two years of this sort of struggle, when we are finally ready to take what we have learned, and all the ways we have grown, and dial in new intentions that are more aligned with our hearts. This is new territory for us, given that we live in a world that barely resembles the planet Earth of just two years ago. Fixed Squares can help us generate things that have very solid foundations. But they also set up the delays and challenges required to truly build something that lasts. The Trine with Jupiter puts us in an almost perfect setup to create just about anything we might desire, but we are working in a brand-new paradigm. And that paradigm continues to shift the ground below our feet, and at times it may seem like we are really just awash in chaos. This is a moment to turn away from the chaos, look into our own hearts, and set intentions that light us up from the inside out.

Leo rules the heart, and just as the Sun is the center of our solar system, the heart is the center of our personal experience. The Taurus stelium is reflecting tremendous paradigm shifts both at the personal and collective level. If you know the house in your natal chart ruled by Taurus, that will give you a tremendous amount of information about what area of your consciousness that has the most potential for explosive new directions, and do your best to dial that information into your intention setting.

There have been, and will continue to be, shocking and disruptive changes coming out of nowhere, now, and in the lunar cycle ahead. If you are reading this, then I guess you are someone who knows a little bit about dropping into your heart and creating your life from those inner ideas of what brings you joy. And despite the roaring winds of change, and the instability that says none of us knows what is coming next, stop what you’re doing right now, put a hand on your heart and ask what you most desire, and then set the intentions to create more of that. Have at it!