The New Moon in Libra hit us in the wee hours this morning at 4:05am PDT, and what a New Moon this is! This should be the most balanced and gentle lunation based on the energetic qualities of Libra. However, there is a fairly unstable setup with this New Moon. Mars and Mercury are directly participating in this lunation, so our walk and our talk are dialed right into the intentions we set at this time. That said, Mars is in his detriment in Libra, and so our decision making is challenged in this feminine air sign, antithetical to what Mars prefers. Mercury is here, but is retrograde, so also not operating at his best. And the entire gathering of Mars, Sun, Moon and Mercury is holding the Great Eliminator angle with the most disruptive and expect-the-unexpected energy, Uranus the Great Awakener.

Libra is where we explore relationships, and consciousness as an outward reflection of our inner landscape. What you encounter in your outer world operates as a direct expression of the mental and emotional equivalent that you hold of it; your vibrational frequency is what directly creates your experience. The first six signs of the zodiac are where we are created as individuals. Once we get to the top of the chart (Libra through Pisces), we begin to interact in the world at large, and the entryway to that is the balancing and harmonizing scales of Libra. The days and nights are of equal length in both hemispheres, and we seek to bring this sense of equanimity into all of our affairs, including the intentions you set in this New Moon.

There is a loose Trine from this New Moon to Jupiter, the planet of abundance and prosperity. This is phenomenally auspicious and brings a tremendous wave of good fortune associated with any intentions we set at this time. That said, there is a trope in spiritual consciousness that says all prayers are answered. Turns out, sometimes your answered prayer sometimes necessitates the loss of something, in order to make room for the new thing you wish for. That principle is on the table in this New Moon. The Great Eliminator angle with Uranus will put a kind of wild card energy into the mix, such that if anything needs to be removed from your experience in order to facilitate the desires you intend, trust me, it may just be snatched away when you least expect it.

This is the lunation that is all about our relationship experience, and how we would like to see love reflected in our lives. So, indeed, this is the time to be very clear with the universe with regard to the romantic, intimate, and sexual connections you desire to share with others. Single, but wanting to partner; this is your New Moon. Partnered, but looking for an enhanced experience of that love, this one’s for you as well. But remember, this is also the New Moon of peace and diplomacy, so if this is something you need an extra dose of at this time, set intentions for powerful and fair negotiations to come your way. But of course, Mercury’s retrograde cycle may delay anything you attempt to set into motion at this time, so try and remember that what you intend now may need a few weeks to get moving, once Mercury turns around in a few weeks.

There is nothing really peaceful or harmonious about this moment. In fact, though these transits are loose in that they are not exact geometry (I love when the angles are precise), but they are present in the moment. The New Moon Trines Saturn and that is actually stabilizing and helps keep the destabilizing energy at bay a bit, but it also means that if there are any lessons for you to learn about some of the desires you are wishing to come into form, the Teacher is in the house. Also loose, but present enough to mention, is the Sun and Moon Squaring Pluto, so shadow is triggered, and there are power struggles all over the place right now. As such, we don’t approach this lunation, and the new lunar cycle that it kicks off, with our most grounded sensibility. Set intentions for more loving relationships, and of course for more peace for humanity, but understand at this moment, peace may be something we can only experience in between the bullets.