The New Moon in Pisces takes place tonight at 11:05pm PST. The Sun entered this final sign of the zodiac just yesterday, and the Moon will spend most of this day in Aquarius. After a very short Void from 6:00pm to 8:55pm PST, the Moon will drop into Pisces, and two hours later catch up with the Sun, and we move into the next lunar cycle of 2023. Pisces is the last sign, and as such, it contains all of the wisdom of every other sign that comes before it in the evolution of the zodiac. It is also the owner of the unconscious, and all the power that comes from the infinite field of possibility from which all form springs. As we enter this final sign, we are put on notice that we are coming to the end of the journey, and so this is a mansion of endings. But also, beginnings, as this is a New Moon of spiritual awakenings, as Pisces it the sign ruled by Neptune, the planet we call the Great Spirit, but also has a classical rulership from Jupiter, the original spiritual seeker of the planetary community.

Pisces is all about love and forgiveness, and one of the most powerful elements of this New Moon is Venus at the final, mastery degree of Pisces at the very moment the Moon joins up with the Sun. Venus loves it in Pisces, as she is exalted in this sign, a technical demarcation that can be understood better when you just consider that Venus wants to love, and in Pisces, there are no boundaries to that love. The 30th degree is called the anaretic degree, and as the final degree of any sign, it has all the wisdom of the entire sign contained in one point, just as Pisces contains what Aries through Aquarius have to offer. Our feelings are a crucial element to manifestation, and in Pisces, Venus feels the most deeply, and this can only benefit the process of setting intentions, fueled by an emotional body that trusts what you wish to create, and wants to fill your creations with love.

Our hearts are wide open as we seek to set intentions that come from the depths of our desires, and in less than one hour of the moment that the New Moon is exact, Venus will burst into Aries, taking our heartfelt intentions with her. Venus is not happy in Aries, as this is Mars’ ruler, and a sign of her detriment. But Aries is about action and movement, and even Venus will respond to moving in a new way based on the intentions we set in this New Moon. Venus will be in Aries for just about this entire lunar cycle, and so our emotional bodies will be a bit on fire, and we may be more emotionally volatile in the weeks to come. But from an archetypal place, there is something yummy about a Pisces New Moon that has Venus in Pisces to marinate in all the yummy potential, and then having the heart dive into the first sign of the zodiac, ready for action. Intentions we set will have this fire built into them.

All New Moons are about movement into the future, like a monthly push on the merry-go-round of life, where we set intentions for the future we desire when the Moon and the Sun come together every 28-1/2 days. The Nodes of the Moon reflect the collective, and the way we all move out of the past (South Node), and into the future (North Node). When a New Moon dials directly into the Nodes, then the forward thrust of the lunation dials directly into where we want to go next. In this case, the New Moon Sextiles the North Node, and Trines the South Node, which means that the intentions we set right now help us easily move away from past restrictions and limitations (Trine with South Node). If we put the work and effort in (Sextiles are potential until met with behavior), what we intend now can powerfully assist us in creating new possibilities in this lunar cycle, and the year ahead.

We are on the precipice of tremendous energetic shifts this year. Pluto will move into Aquarius for the first time next month, and Saturn will enter Pisces for the next 2-1/2 years, also in March. There will be so much disruption on the planet with both of these powerhouse planets changing signs within weeks of each other, especially from Pluto. I don’t know any other way to meet life on life’s terms without being aligned with the flow through my spiritual practice. Let that be one of the intentions you set, as Pisces is where we are all connected to the Universe, and to existence itself. The world will be changing so drastically over the next few years in a manner that really starts this year with Saturn and Pluto changing signs. Use this New Moon to be spiritually and emotionally prepared for all the change that is coming down the pike. Look to the Pisces house in your chart for more focus with the intentions you set at this time, but you can’t go wrong just dialing in for more love, compassion, forgiveness, and empathy in your world. Have at it!