The New Moon in Pisces hit overnight at 1:00am PST, and we are in the final lunar cycle of the astrological year. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and as such, it contains all the wisdom of the eleven signs that precede it. This is why Pisces is where the Universal Mind was invented, and the collective consciousness that carries us all through the divine unfolding plan. In Pisces we know everything, but it is a realm that exists behind the world of form. Because we are all One in Pisces, this is where empathy, forgiveness, and compassion dwell. This is also the mansion of endings, where we connect with Spirit to release what we need to be free of before being shot out of the Aries cannon with the Equinox later this month.

Neptune rules this New Moon in Pisces, and he has been in this sign of his rulership since 2011. He will move into Aries next year, but his presence in his home turf has amplified our ability to deepen our spiritual connection on an individual level for the past fifteen years. Mercury, the planet of perception and the mind, spent the last few days hanging out directly with Neptune, collecting deep thoughts and marinating in the deep collective. But Mercury moved into Aries about 5 hours before the New Moon hit, and so the planet of our perceptions and thinking is now in the cardinal fire sign of Aries. While there may be some delays up ahead with Mercury going retrograde in Aries in April, there is great value in setting intentions with Mercury in Aries, the cardinal fire sign that is all about starting up something new.

Over in Taurus, Jupiter and Uranus are inching closer to each other in a powerful Conjunction that will peak next month. This combines abundance and prosperity (Jupiter) with sudden changes (Uranus) that will allow for more of the same. This New Moon is holding a Sextile with both. Intentions we set right now easily tap into our manifestation mojo by connecting productively with Jupiter, and if you need things to change radically, the presence of Uranus allows for pivots and sudden transformations. The intentions we set at this time have Jupiter’s largess and Uranus’s sense of anything is possible dialed directly in.

Inside of this watery, Piscean bath, Mars is holding a Square with Uranus, a conflict-driven potential for sudden shifts, reactivity and anger, and a general sense of unstable change is in the air. I typically speak into the setting of intentions in the New Moon as the primary way to consider them because that is how I use astrology. But New Moons are also the alpha/omega point where new things rise up into our lives. With this lunar cycle kicking off eclipse season at the Full Moon in two weeks, and this powerful Mars/Uranus Square, you can be assured that many of you will experience big changes that come out of the blue, both now around the New Moon, as well as for the entire lunar cycle ahead.

As the final lunar cycle of the astrological year, we truly are releasing things from deep in our unconscious, an invention of Pisces. The Full Moon of this lunar cycle is an eclipse, so the release mechanism of that lunation will be epic. And then we move through the Equinox, beginning the astrological new year, and the New Moon in Aries will thrust us forward very powerfully (also an eclipse) into the year ahead. Set intentions now to be held and carried by Spirit, across the birth canal of the zodiac from Pisces into Aries. And then surrender to the process, as Spirit may take you on quite a journey through the wormhole of the eclipses. The next four to six weeks promise to be a wild ride, but trust that your Divine Connection will get you through. Set powerful intensions to be aligned with Spirit, then fasten your seatbelt, and have at it!