The New Moon in Pisces hits tomorrow, but it is building all day today. We are in the intention setting side of the New Moon lunation that is exact at 2:21am PST Saturday. Once the Moon entered Pisces yesterday, she signaled that the dance with her beloved the Sun was about to commence. As that geometry is applying (the Moon getting closer and closer to the Sun), the energy is strongest. Any New Moon begins to wane as soon as it peaks, so in some ways, today is a bit more New Moon-ish than tomorrow, which is why I’m writing this a day early. This is the time to plant your seeds of intention in a moment that has great implications for the astrological year ahead which has it’s alpha/omega starting point with the Equinox in just one week.

The Pisces New Moon has great importance in astrology because of the profound sensitivity of the threshold between the Pisces and the Aries mansions. This is the alpha/omega of western astrology, where the last sign of the zodiac gives way to the first. In Pisces, we connect with the infinite field of all possibility, where everything lives in pure potential. Aries is the startup energy that dives into that void first, declaring “I Am” as he emerges into consciousness. In this way, the New Moon in Pisces is extra powerful, because all intentions must start in the formless void, and it is our desire that thrusts them out of the field of possibility into form. We are born anew every spring (autumn down under), and this New Moon signals the start of the next lunar cycle, but also prepares us to birth the astrological new year. Intentions we set now, therefore, have a lasting impact in the year to come.

Venus is behaving in a very interesting manner this year. When I was looking ahead at 2021, I noticed that when I looked at the lunations of the year, almost all of them have Venus acting in some pivotal way, bringing a dose of love to what will ultimately be a difficult year. This particular lunar cycle brings the height of this loving influence, as Venus will be exactly where the Sun and Moon are tomorrow, and then at the Full Moon, she will have moved far enough to be exactly where the Sun is in two week’s time. At a moment where feeling the love can be a challenge, this New Moon allows us to dive deep into ourselves and find more love than we knew we could express.

To take this a little further, let’s look at the relationship that Venus and Neptune have through the principle of Love. Venus is how we connect to love at the personal level. Transpersonal love, or Divine Love, is something we know through Neptune. And of course, Pisces is the sign that understands this best, for this is where unity consciousness and the connectedness of all of consciousness was invented in the first place. Venus is exalted here, which just means she practically explodes with love in this mansion that is so steeped in connection, forgiveness, compassion and, well, love. Today has the Sun, Neptune, and Venus at just about the exact same degree, and then the Moon catches up just past midnight, and we move through the most beautiful New Moon of this year, by far. We set our intentions with this extraordinary energy, and let the love carry us through the rest of the year.

Pisces is the mansion where we understand that we are all one energy, individually expressing ourselves in six billion fractals of consciousness that feel separate, but are, ultimately, unified. Because this is where we know we are connected to each other in this profound way, we know love, compassion and forgiveness. This of course makes perfect sense. Pisces knows we are one, and so this is also where we understand that hatred we direct at others is ultimately felt by us. If we truly knew each other as one with us, we would not judge as harshly as we do, or treat others in the way that the world often reflects. We feel so separate, and it is in the Pisces energy that we are reminded that this is an illusion, and we are all connected as a single unified consciousness experiencing this entire miraculous existence as a collective.

Let us begin with that idea as we set intentions at this time to bring more compassion, love, and forgiveness into everything we do. Pay particular attention to your dreams right now, as they are an invention of the Pisces mansion. Consider forgiveness as well, and remember to set intentions to have more of that in the world at a time when we need it so intensively. And more than anything, remember this; everything you could possibly need to fulfil the desires you have is right inside of you. In fact, Pisces reminds us that if we have the desire in our hearts, then we also have the potential to manifest that desire. And the raw material from which we create everything is love, which this New Moon has in abundance. Set intentions to share that love with the world. Imagine if everyone did this; we would know peace now. We create peace for humanity in this way; one act of forgiveness at a time.